Sam Sheepdog is punchin’ into work on this fan vote event! Don’t miss this chance to power up this beefy Defender and other amazing toons!

Off we go!

Good team combinations with Sam Sheepdog

Attack at your own risk.

Sam Sheepdog
Outback Dawg
Grand Duke Sylvester
Curator Porky

They grow ‘em big on the farm.

Sam Sheepdog
Foghorn Leghorn
Petunia Pig
Bugs Bunny

Event Duration: 3 Days

Featured Toons: 

Sam Sheepdog
Grand Duke Sylvester
Outback Dawg
Officer Prissy
Barkeep Sheepdog
Ralph Wolf
Wildcard Wolf
Miss Prissy
Scarecrow Sylvester

General Highlights: 

– Min Player Level: 30 

– Bring your Toons into two different unique campaigns to collect Time Cards to use on various exchanges!

– Exchange for guaranteed pieces of Sam Sheepdog, Grand Duke Sylvester, Outback Dawg, Officer Prissy, Barkeep Sheepdog, Ralph the Wolf, Wildcard Wolf, Miss Prissy, and lastly, a limited exchange for Golden Tickets.

– Participate in our Solo Tournament to win great prizes! 

– Complete time-limited quests to earn nifty reward

Campaign Highlights: 

– Type of toons required: featured event toons. 

– The “A Sheep in the Deep!” campaign has 5 acts of 8 battles each and you can obtain Time Cards and Sam Sheepdog pieces. The “Sam and Ralph’s Journey” campaign has 7 acts of 8 battles each and you can use it to farm Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog pieces.

Time-limited Quests Highlights: 

– Complete time-limited quests to earn Ralph the Wolf Pieces, Energy, Golden Tickets, Gems, Time Cards, and Secret Stuff.

– Time-limited quests will be available through the entirety of the event. 

Solo Tournament Highlights: 

– Compete in our solo tournaments to win Crests of Mayhem, Materials for your toons, and More! As milestones, you’ll obtain Sam Sheepdog pieces, Ralph Wolf pieces, Wildcard Wolf pieces, Materials, and Gold. 

Dev Notes:

The Fan Vote event is here for Sam Sheepdog! Great pick, it’s a really good toon! Please find some specific notes below about this event:

1. Tournament scoring is doubled in this event (because it’s a special fan-vote event):

Complete Event Quest – Now 1,000 Points
Consume 50 Energy – Now 100 Points
Collect Sam Sheepdog Toon Piece – Now 50 Points
Collect Featured Toon Piece – Now 10 Points
Collect Any Toon Piece – Now 2 Points

2. Regarding quests: Completing each “act” rewards a golden ticket, combine that with other normal quests and you’ll have an opportunity to earn up to 18 Golden Tickets in total, just from quests.

3. There are plenty of exchanges to use in this event (as shown above in the details). Sam Sheepdog and Ralph the Wolf give the most pieces per exchange since the event is focused on them! Choose wisely!

4. We bring you a special new campaign format: “Sam and Ralph’s Journey”!

– 2 VS 2 Battles (56 battles to get through if you can make it that far!)
–The format has you bring exactly 1 SAM toon AND 1 RALPH toon… This can be ANY variant, so mix and match! Maybe one battle you decide to pair up Barkeep Sheepdog with Ninja Ralph, and another battle you use Sam Sheepdog with Ralph the Vampire. The strategy is up to you!