What’s up, doc?

Please find in these small notes everything that is getting reworked very soon with our very own Scarlet Pumpernickel.


  • Scarlet Strike (Basic Attack)
    • Inflict target enemy with Deny Counter, then hit them for 100% damage.
  • Masterplan (Activated, 2-turn cooldown)
    • Deals 140% damage to the target enemy, gaining Hidden for 2 turns.
  • Slippery as an Eel (Passive)
    • Whenever this toon lacks Hidden and gains it, gain Sure Dodge and 5 Piercing Up.
  • Savior Duck (Activated, 1-turn warmup, 2-turn cooldown)
    • Deals 150% damage to the target enemy. If this toon is Hidden, this attack is uncounterable and undodgeable. Lose Hidden.
  • Smart as a Fox (Passive):
    • Once per battle, whenever an ally falls below 50% Health, grant it Hidden and Sure Dodge, removing all Taunt.

Dev Notes:

Leaving his two special attacks unchanged, we dramatically buffed the surrounding kit to improve Scarlet’s gameplay loop of exploiting Hidden for big damage.

We also leaned harder into the lore, improving his ability to shut down Grand Duke Sylvester (and other Counter Chance toons) with a new basic attack. He plays now like an Epic-level Ninja Ralph, trading the power of Legendary stats for anti-Counter and Dodge utility.