What’s up, doc?

This is our last batch of player stories. We’d like to thank again everyone who sent us their personal and Alliance narratives. It has been very heart warming to read you all!

Stay safe, everyone, and keep on rocking!

“Hi, I started playing this game by accident… My 5-year-old son wanted to download it for him. He is kind of obsessed with Looney Tunes, even though nowadays you can find so many cartoons to watch with very high tech graphics and all, my son always prefers the old fashioned ones – the same I was watching at his age!).

We play the game together, especially when a new event appears. My son is so excited to try out the new levels. I tried a few alliances until I found the one I am in now, and very soon, its leader decided to make me an officer. Now this leader can’t be in the game very often due to some family matters, including the virus. So I am honored to safeguard his spot until he can come and play the game with us as before…

Very recently we created our Discord server for better communication, and I was really amazed and moved by the stories of my fellow alliance members… Their stories made me realize how different and at the same time how the same we are all. Yes, this is a game, but real people are playing the game and it’s truly amazing how people can connect.

Thank you to the Scopely team for their efforts to make this game and the nice Discord community! My motto: “You don’t HAVE a great day; you MAKE a great day!”

Maestro of Mayhem DianaP

“My Alliance, Razzles Raiders, is excellent! They all seem friendly, and we’re all active and pretty energetic too. We managed to get first in the last two wars!

Anyway, I’ve been playing this game with my dad, and we’re enjoying it! And obviously, I’ve met him inside the game as well! I really like this game, and it’s making me happy during this rough time, knowing how much I love the classic cartoons!”

Maestro of Mayhem Belles-E-Coyote

“I showed this game to my partner in crime but she did not want to play it at first, as the game looked too complicated for her. But after a few weeks, she actually joined in and she’s loving it! After a few guides, we had the same excitement playing Looney Toons World of Mayhem, especially when it comes to collecting toon power and playing around with our brawl teams. #keepitupfolks”

Maestro of Mayhem Aden