What’s up, doc?

Here we go with our second installment of Player Stories. As a reminder, in these series we share some personal narratives from our Maestros of Mayhem. Thanks to everyone who submitted theirs!

And of course, stay healthy & safe everyone!

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“Our amazing Alliance, “The Bugs Bunch”, is both competitive and big-hearted. Our members are from many different countries. This makes written communication challenging in our chatroom, but when we go to battle, our problems quickly disappear. Our chatroom provides a laidback lounge for many types of discussions ranging from: names of YouTube videos with funny (but tasteful) Covid19 songs; frustration vents; updates from one of our members who is going through radiation and chemotherapy; requests for advanced game advice; letting each other know when a family member needs prayers; updates on Covid19 in members’ hometowns. Sometimes we just say “hello, ‘What’s Up Doc?'”; and many, many more…

Being the leader of this Alliance is truly an honor and a privilege. I have never met any of our amazing members. Still, I gotta tell you – – the love, support, and respect we share for each other when someone is down, or frustrated with the game, or worried about a family member’s health, or facing a chemo treatment – would melt anyone’s heart. Thanks, team, for being so incredible. Stay well, everyone!”

Maestro of Mayhem Nancy (aka “Wabbit”)

“My husband told me about this game, now we play it together every day with our 16 yr old son! On the days we don’t go walking we are all in house building our characters trying to outdo each other!! Even in our home, this lady of Mayhem is battling in triumph!!

We joined the same alliance so we can all be together even in-game!! Michigan is not a very pretty place at the moment along with other parts of the world, stay safe!”

Maestro of Mayhem Lady Soj

“I know I will never meet my Alliance mates. We hail from all points of our Earth. I’m a chatterbox, I know I probably drive them crazy. 😃 But, with all the frustrations I have, they are supportive. Like another person, whose stories I read, I am disabled and on disability.

I see people once a month. I see all my doctors once a month and the pharmacy folks. I do my grocery shopping once a month. Then I don’t see anyone till the next month… So, my life hasn’t changed that much with the quarantine. That is basically how my life is. The Loony Toons are my connection to our world.”

Maestro of Mayhem Akonda

“I just love playing this game because I’m going through a hard time not only because of the virus but because my mother passed away on April 2nd. Despite these difficult times, playing World of Mayhem is just one of the ways I use to cheer me up. I mean, this is Looney Tunes we’re talking about. They never stop putting a smile on your face.”