What’s up, doc?

We’re happy to announce that our reworked Arena is coming very soon to World of Mayhem. Here you will find a lowdown of everything you can expect for this game mode moving forward.

Off we go!

New Arena Leagues

Welcome to the new weekly Arena Leagues, doc! With this update, we’re introducing a new Leaderboard that restarts every week with 12 Tiers: Tourist III, Tourist II, Tourist I, Survivor III, Survivor II, Survivor I, Explorer III, Explorer II, Explorer I, Warrior III, Warrior II and Warrior I. 

New Arena Leagues Leaderboard

Win Arenas to score in the Weekly Arena League Leaderboard to earn Gems and bonus Masks. The more Masks you earn, the better head start you’ll get in the following week’s leaderboard! By the end of the tournament, everybody in the same tier will be reset to the bottom of that tier. So, for instance, everybody finishing in Explorer III will start the following week from the bottom of Explorer III. 

On top of this, there will also be a new set of Milestones Rewards, granting core Boosts Cubes per milestone reached. 

New Arena Types – Arena League & Arena League: Champions

We are also introducing two types of Arenas to the pool: Arena League & Arena League: Champions.

Arena League Overview

  • Arena League costs Skull Keys to enter. Arena League rewards  Boost Cubes, Golden Idols, Masks and Champion Keys for the Champions Arena.
  • In Basic Arenas, players fight one another in a pool of 3. 
  • Twice per day, there will be an Arena running with different weekly mechanics, rotating on a regular basis. For instance, you may have one week where Bird toons have a +20% Attack and another where Magic toons have +10% to all their stats, just to name a few. There won’t be, however, toon restrictions. We are also introducing new “Hero” abilities, where specific toons will boost the entire team when on the battlefield.
An example of new special mechanics

Arena League: Champions Overview

  • Arena League: Champions costs Champion Keys to enter. Arena League: Champions grants bigger quantities of Boost Cubes, Golden Idols and Masks.
  • In Champion Arenas, players fight one another in a pool of 7.
  • Champion Arenas will appear 48 hours before the Weekly Arena League ends and uses the same rules and mechanics as the concurrent Arena League for the week. As with Arena League, there won’t be any toon restrictions.
New Arena
The two new Arena types

New Arena Store

Last but not least, this new update brings improvements to the Arena Store. We’re increasing the number of items that you can purchase from, using your hard-earned Golden Idols. Players can expect a bigger assortment of Arena Keys (pick up your 3 free entries per day), exclusive toons (we’ll have up to 16 toons available on rotation, 8 of which are exclusive to the Arena Store), Tasmanian materials and unique materials for Tasmanian toons. 

IMPORTANT: Please note that your Arena free entries will now be sourced via the Arena Store. As such, you won’t be receiving Keys in Star Crates or Daily Goals.

New Arena

New Level Unlock for Arena

Moving forward, Arena will be available earlier for players, unlocking with Player Level 18.

Developer Comments

It’s finally here! We created this new Arena set up with the following targets in mind. First, we wanted to create a competitive player vs player game mode that is meaningful, and allows players to explore new and interesting teams. Second, we wanted to create an engaging and fun Arena experience that players want to play every day.