What’s up, doc?

Our next Meet the Team blog post is here! Have you ever wondered what a concept artist does inside the game? Keep on reading then!

Meet Concept Artist Bruna!

What’s your role inside the team?

I’m a concept artist and I work together with the content team to bring new toons and features to the game. I have probably worked on most things you see in World of Mayhem: from toons portraits to new features, home screen elements and much more!

What do you do as a concept artist?

Everything, literally: from designing how the regions, toon houses, and battle backgrounds look like, to providing concepts for all the new toons that our content designers create. I also design the sketches for our toons’ prank animations and their skill icons, their illustrations, and so on. Basically, everything that you see in the game came through the concept team at some point.

In order to create new content for the game we always study old episodes. While we add some originality to the looney elements, pranks, and concepts, we always try to make them in a way that feels they could belong in the classic cartoons.

Being a concept artist is pretty neat because you get to work with a lot of creative teams: Game Design, Animation, 3D Art and Sound Design.

What’s that you love about World of Mayhem and the franchise?

It’s a bit surreal to think that I’m working with an IP that’s been around for so long and is so well-loved by everyone. I can’t help but feel proud and thrilled to be part of it, so I guess this is the most special thing about this project for me.

I especially love working on the promo images for each new toon, thinking about the best pose to convey their personality and role inside the game – it’s always a fun challenge to create them!

Being able to elaborate within the IP is also an amazing opportunity. Like, I get to imagine what a fashionable Penelope, a space adventurer Lola or a bandit Barnyard Dawg would look like if they had their own episode back in the day.

Working on the World map has also been a great experience as we are constantly trying to include references to classic episodes. For instance, you can see a lot of “What’s Opera, Doc?” elements in Avalooney (such as the tower, the flowers, and the columns). If you look at the Desert region, you’ll see how the rocks and color schemes there are taken directly from your typical episodes featuring Coyote and Road Runner.

Creating the battle backgrounds within the looney universe was also a blast. The Acme R&D lab is full of colorful liquids, glass, and buttons all around – quite fitting for such a place, really.

What are you currently working on?

Right now I am working on the general art and full-body illustrations for toons that will arrive to the game in the next 3 months. I really cannot say too much about them – but I believe the community is gonna love them. 😉

If you were a toon, who would you be?

Bugs Valkyrie! Who wouldn’t want to be a Valkyrie??

Which are your favorite World of Mayhem toons?

Pepe le Phantom and Wildcard Ralph! Had a blast working on them, their pranks are amazing and I love the Phantom of the Opera.

And what about your favorite team composition of Mayhem?

Pepe le Bard (gotta have this one), Witch Doctor Hazel, Vampire Ralph and Devil Hector!


Any cool development moments you want to share?

It’s always a delight to see the animation and concept art teams working on new pranks and acting out to see if they work. So we get a lot of great moments among the art team during brainstorming and production of such pranks…

So we’re about to finish this – anything else you wanna add?

Being part of this project has been life-changing for me. I took a leap of faith, quit my old job and later that same day got hired to work with the Looney project. Since then I’ve met so many amazing people, have learned so much from each and every one of them, and I can’t wait to see where this journey will take us all.

I’m grateful for being part of such an amazing team and working on a project that we all believe in.


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