Check what other events are coming in the following weeks to World of Mayhem, on top of our big event releases. Please note that the specifics of each of these will also be announced in the blog before they happen.Stay tuned for those!

Play the Camelot Campaign!

This special Campaign runs from December 9th to January 20th and it features a brand new Legendary toon: Bugs the Brave! To unlock him, unlock the following toons and make sure they are at 5-stars: Matador Bugs, Sylvester the Brash, Reindeer Roadrunner and Elmer the Sure (more details on these toons coming soon!).

In the next following weeks, you can also collect Bugs Masks and trade them in for extra Bugs the Brave pieces.

Crack some crates open!

These special crates will drop Penelope pieces as well as ACME Rockets, which can be used in the ACME store to obtain character pieces of toons of your choice that will help you complete this month’s events!

There are 3 crate tiers: Tier 1 is for the 5,500-15,000 Trophy range, while Tier 2 is for the 15,000-25,000 Trophy range. Tier 3 is for the +25,000 Trophy range.

NOTE: For Tier 1 and 2 Crates, you’ll need to attack and defend with 2 Forest toons. For Tier 3, you will need to attack with 3 Forest toons and defend with 2 Forest toons (for all tiers you’ll also be able to attack/defender with Raider Lola). Please note that you won’t see the crates at all unless you have enough toons to meet the restriction requirements.

Participate in our Solo Missions!

Completing them will grant you toon pieces and Golden Tickets!

Participate in our Weekly Alliance Tournaments!

Thanks to them, you’ll earn ACME Magnets. These can be used in the ACME Magnet Exchange, which gives our Rare and Epic toons. Players can get points for the weekly tournaments simply by completing different actions inside the game: using XP potions, leveling up toons, collecting character pieces, and more.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this new cycle of wrapper events WILL NOT have ACME Weights. As such, there won’t be any ACME Weights exchanges in the ACME shop. You’ll still get ACME Rockets and ACME Magnets though.