Hey folks,

Our next update is just around the corner, and we want to give you the lowdown on every change coming to World of Mayhem. Read carefully, for this update is a big one!

New Feature: Alliance Wars

The war is coming, doc! It’s time to rally your Alliance and prepare for our newest and biggest feature yet. Alliance Wars pits Alliance vs Alliance in exciting 50-player pirate warfare. Coordinate with your Alliance to be crowned kings of the Seven Looney Seas and win all-new Special Boosts and exclusive Pirate toons! 

Check out this quick lowdown on YouTube to see Alliance Wars in action:

Alliance Wars can be accessed from the home screen for players level 40 and above. Each War will be divided into 4 distinct phases of different durations: Enlist Phase, Preparation Phase, War Phase, and Celebration Phase. Let’s check them out!

1. Enlist Phase:

During the Enlistment phase, players can preview when the next War will start, while Alliance officers can enlist their alliance to participate in the upcoming war. Each Alliance War requires at least 20 active players at level 40 or above although you can enlist up to 50 members. Please note that only Leaders, Co-Leaders and Officers can enlist their Alliance.


At the end of the enlistment phase, each Alliance will be matched against three others in a fight for total dominance.   

2. Preparation Phase:

In this phase, Alliance members gain access to the War Map: a treacherous archipelago protected by your Alliance’s structures and of course, your Pirate Ship! Alliances have 4 days to fortify their defenses for the upcoming War phase.

There are two main objectives: Assign your Defenses and Collect War Coins to strengthen your War Buffs.

First things first, let’s talk about the War Map.

War Map
One of the perimeter island regions with all its structures
  • The War Map → The archipelago consists of four perimeter island regions and one central region. Each region contains several structures that need to be defended: Cannons, Towers and the Alliance Ship itself! The Ship and Towers are very important, as they generate powerful War Buffs to protect their Cannons.
  • War Buffs grant powerful abilities to any toon defending a structure affected by it. Each War Buff is associated with one Island region. For example, the Desert Island increases Critical Chance, while the City Island increases Dodge Chance. 
  • Structures are linked by War Buff Lines. These directional lines show which structures are affected by each War Buff.
  • War Buffs can be upgraded by investing War Coins and the upgrades last throughout the end of the War event (read more on War Coins below!).
  • Watch out! If a Buff Structure is destroyed, the War Buff Line will be severed and the effectiveness of the buff will be diminished. War Buffs can tip the balance of power and determine the winner, so make sure you upgrade them and set strong defenses to protect them!

Strategy tip! → As War Buffs flow down the War Buff Lines, their power will stack. As a result, Cannons benefit the most as they are affected by both Towers and the Ship making the toons defending them much stronger!

Cannon Structure
A Cannon structure, ready to be defended!
  • Assign your Defenses! → During Prep phase, any alliance member can defend up to two of the 45 available structures. Each region is special and as such, has different requirements: 
    • Island regions require at least 2 toons from their respective region.
    • Towers, Central Towers and the Ship can only be defended by Alliance Officers. However, an Officer can unlock any structure for Members to defend, if they so choose. 
    • Please note that toons used for defense will also be available later for attack!

Strategy Tip! → Coordinate with your alliance to set the right teams for each structure. Your strongest teammates should defend the Ship and Central Towers, as they generate the strongest War Buffs, while teammates with strong Summit squads will be the best at defending structures in the Summit Island.

Defending Cannons
Assign your defenders to protect your Alliance’s structures!
  • Collect War Coins to strengthen your War Buffs! → We described how War Buffs work and their awesome value in the War Map section but how do we upgrade them? 
    • Players can purchase War Buff upgrades with War Coins
    • War Buffs are shared among the Alliance – each player can donate their share of War Coins to contribute towards the next upgrade. There are no limitations to the number of War Coins you can chip in – simply move the slider around and hit “Donate”. Your Alliance will thank you!
    • Upgrade your War Buffs from the War Store or directly from the Map by tapping any War Buff Structure.
Donate Ware Coins to upgrade your structures!
In the War Store, you can see different upgrades for your structures.
  • Get War Coins! → War Coins allow players to improve their Alliance buffs during Alliance Wars. Collect War Coins by completing the new War Coin Plunder Campaign!
    • The War Coin Plunder Campaign is available during Preparation and War phase and is only available to players participating in War.
    • There are four Plunders – each represents a War Buff in the current War. A Plunder contains 10 Battles with special Battle Mechanics and has its own character restrictions. Ex. The Dodge Chance Plunder buffs every enemy squad with increased Dodge Chance. Players can select toons from a pool that is strong against Dodge.
War Coin Plunder Campaign
The new War Coin Plunder Campaign
  • Plunder battles require Plunder Energy to play → This is a new type of energy specific to Alliance Wars for these PvE Campaigns.
War Plunder Campaign Chapters
The new energy: Plunder Campaign

Strategy Tip → Because they simulate the effect of War Buffs, the War Coin Plunder is a great way to practice against and find strong teams to defeat the opponent structures from each region during the upcoming War Phase. Time to get training!

3. War Phase

Get ready for the action because it’s time to battle! Attack enemy structures to score Bomb points for your Alliance. 

  • Rules of engagement → Before we talk strategy, let’s review the fundamentals of War Phase:
    • 3 Invasions. During the War Phase, your Alliance will battle against all three enemy Alliances in your Battlegroup in three sequential Invasions. Each invasion pits two Alliances head to head and lasts 24 hours.
    • How to win an Invasion. Each successful attack is worth a Bomb point. Score more points than your opponent Alliance to win the Invasion. In the case of a tie, the winner will be determined by number of stars earned.
    • War win condition. Alliances are ranked based on their Invasion victory record. The Alliance with the most victories at the end of War Phase wins the war! If there’s a tie, ranking is determined by most Bomb points scored and then by stars earned.
War Phase
The War Map during War Phase
  • Invasion War Map → During Invasion, the HUD will update to highlight:
    • The live score against your current opponent as well as time left in this invasion
    • HP left in each region, which represents successful attacks needed or potential points to earn from each region
    • Active Attack War Buffs and their level (read more below!)
    • Your remaining Invasion Energy

Let’s talk about strategy and the importance of taking down structures.

War Phase Structures
Different structures and their status during War Phase
  • Attacking and Destroying structures → There are 45 structures to attack. Bring their HP down to 0 to destroy them completely and sever the War Buff Line.
    • You can attack any structure: and at any order! Coordinate with your Alliance to focus your attacks on the most important structures.
    • Attacks cost Invasion Energy: this Invasion Energy regenerates over time and with each Invasion.
    • Each player can have one successful attack per structure: this means that in order to destroy a structure, you will have to work with your Alliance.
    • Toon exhaustion: there are no character reactions when attacking. Use your whole character collection to find the best team to win a battle.
    • Be careful though, toons used to get a successful win will become exhausted and will not be able to attack again for the rest of this Invasion.
    • Structure HP: Because of their importance, some structures are tougher and require more successful attacks to take down. Cannons and Towers have 4 HP, while Central Towers have 6 and the Ship has 8.
    • Sever War Buff lines: Destroying a Buff Structure has a huge impact on the outcome of the Invasion. Take away all of its HP and the strength of the Defensive War Buffs affecting every structure after it will be diminished. Take down all the Buff structures and your Alliance will have a much easier time defeating the remaining Cannons.
War Phase Attack
During War Phase, players can attack and debilitate enemy structures
  • Attack War Buffs → To help even the scale against the opponent’s Defense War Buffs, players can invest their remaining War Coins on Attack War Buffs. 
    • Attack War Buffs affect all attacking toons used by all your Alliance members during all 3 Invasions. They are really valuable and cannot be diminished.
    • Donation works the same way. Each member can contribute War Coins towards leveling up any of the four available Attack War Buffs.
    • Upgrade your Attack War Buffs from the War Store or by tapping the respective icon directly from the Attack War Buff HUD in the War Map.
Donate Attack
Players can upgrade their Attack Buffs during War Phase

Strategy Tip → If you can, take down the opponent’s Ship first. Destroying the Ship is no easy feat; the Ship is guarded by your opponent’s strongest squad and sinking it will require 8 players to work together using their strongest teams. But it’s worth it!

This will diminish the Ship War Buff for the rest of the Invasion and make it significantly easier for your mates to defeat any other Structure on the map! If the Ship is too tough, start from a Central Tower you know you can beat. Inside out is the way to go.

4. Celebration Phase

Time to enjoy the loot, comrades! In this phase, rewards are handed out and players can check on war results and winners. Alliances will earn incremental rewards depending on how well they performed on each war.  
The Celebration phase lasts 24 hours but don’t worry if you miss this window – unclaimed rewards will be sent to your Inbox.

And a disclaimer: Even though this is an Alliance event, only players that participate in the War are eligible to receive rewards.

After a war, it’s time to claim your rewards!


  • Exclusive Pirate toon! Introducing Epic Sea Goin’ Sam, the first ever Pirate toon! Reach War Milestones by earning War Coins to collect pieces for this Epic Toon. 
  • Sea Goin’ Sam is also available on the all new Pirate Wheel. Spin it for a chance at Sea Goin’ Sam and other very strong Epic toons. Earn Pirate Tickets to spin it by ranking high on each War and from War Milestones.
  • Special Boost Cubes for Special Boosts. Exclusive to Alliance War Rank rewards, Special Boost Cubes allow you to unlock and Boost Up all new special stats for your toons. Keep winning war after war to make your whole Alliance stronger! Read more about Special Boosts below.


With the introduction of Alliance Wars, we want to give players the opportunity to collaborate and strategize to achieve a greater goal. We strongly believe that games are platforms for players to connect over the same passion, recognizing each other’s mastery, game knowledge and personality. We also believe in the LT community and want to bring the connections we see on Discord and Reddit to the next level. 

We created Alliance Wars to enable players to showcase these traits, by demonstrating their mastery of the Toon roster, their strategic acumen and ability to communicate in order to help lead their alliance to victory. We can’t wait to see how players interact with the Pirate map and the depth of bonds people will create given a meaningful, team challenge!

New Feature: Special Boosts

With this new update, we are bringing you the ability to boost a new set of stats for your toons for whole regions. Activated boosts benefit every toon in that region and apply across all game modes.

Special Boosts
The new Special Boosts screem

New stats for Special Boosts:

  • PIERCING: Ignores a percentage of the target’s Defense.
  • CRITICAL DAMAGE: Increases damage dealt with critical hits.
  • CRITICAL DEFENSE: Decreases damage taken from critical hits.
  • TENACITY: Increases the chance to break an enemy’s debuff resistance.
  • DEBUFF RESISTANCE: Increases the chance of negating incoming debuffs. 

You can Boost Up every stat 10 times, each time reaching even bigger boosts for all your toons in that particular region. Boosts are permanent, so once you unlock a new level, you’ll enjoy that boost without end.

These will also have an impact on the Power Level of your toons.

The drill is simple: collect Special Boosts Cubes from Alliance Wars battles to power up all major stat types for whole regions. 

Special Boosts
To boosts the new stats, you’ll need Special Boosts Cubes from Alliance Wars

When the update drops, search for the Special Boost pirate totem icon next to Alliance Wars. It will be accessible by players level 40 and above.

New Feature: Advanced Stats Screen

Special Boosts come around with another nifty feature: an advanced stats screen, directly available from your character view. In this screen, you’ll get access to your toon’s power level, basic stats, and new stats, and will be able to see the value of your boosts applied to that character.

New graph

Bug Fixes

We have fixed a bug with buffs not being applied to the team’s power when defending a crate in Brawl.

We have also fixed an issue with stat boosts not updated inside Arena Battle Reports.

We have fixed an issue with a blank screen in Arena, where players did see an empty screen and had to restart the game to fix it. 

Other minor performance issues have also been tackled.