It’s High Noon at the OK Corral. Nasty Canasta eyes his opponents, right hand on his holster. “Draw on three!” Play now for a chance to activate this hulking new Toon!

Featured Event Toons:

All Desert toons

General Highlights:

– Player Level Restrictions: Level 20 and above
– Bring Desert Toons into the Fistful of Mayhem campaign to collect Nasty Canasta’s Hats!
– Collecting Nasty Canasta Hats allows you to open Hat Exchange Packs in the Featured section of the store, where you’ll have the chance to earn pieces for Nasty Canasta and other featured event toons!
– Dominate the solo Tournament for your best chance at pieces for Nasty Canasta, Golden Tickets and tune-up materials for Nasty Canasta!
– Complete time-limited quests to earn pieces for Nasty Canasta, Barkeep Sheepdog, Wildcard Wolf and Masked Avenger pieces, and more!

Campaign Highlights:

– Type of toons required: desert toons.

Time-limited Quests Highlights:

– Complete time-limited quests to earn lots of nifty rewards!
– Time-limited quests will be available throughout the entirety of the event. Special “Desert Raid!”

Arena Highlights:

– This Arena will open on day 3 and until the end of the event.
– Spend 100 Nasty Canasta Hats to enter the Arena for a chance to win 100 Nasty Canasta Revolvers. Nasty’s Revolvers are the ONLY tokens that can be used to open the Revolver Exchange Pack, which gives out guaranteed Nasty Canasta pieces!