You’re dethpicable… It’s Duck Season in the World of Mayhem, and that scoundrel Epic Daffy Duck has shown his feathers. Play for a chance to activate this Epic Attacker, who buffs Daffy allies and cuts through enemies like soggy bread.

Featured Event Toons:

– Epic Daffy Duck

– Epic Bugs Bunny

– Rare Elmer Fudd

– Any Daffy Toon (Excludes Show Biz Daffy)

General Highlights:

– Player Level Restrictions: Level 20 and above

– Dominate the Duck Season Tournament, by competing in the Daily Hunt Tournaments, for your best chance at 7-Star Epic Daffy Duck!

– Collecting Elmer’s Rifles earns tons of points for the Daily Hunt Tournaments! You can also exchange them in the featured section of the store for extra energy and featured event toon pieces to help nudge you along

– Play the Duck Season campaign to earn Elmer’s Rifles + Epic Daffy Duck pieces + more!

– Complete Daily Hunt Quests to earn golden tickets + Elmer’s Rifles!

Campaign Highlights:

– Type of toons required: all featured event toons

– There will be 6 Campaigns in total. Each day a new campaign will become available, featuring 1 act with 8 stages

Time-limited Quests Highlights:

– Complete Daily Hunt quests to earn Elmer’s Rifles & more!

– Time-limited quests will be available on a daily basis and will center around completing Campaign battles, collecting featured event toon pieces and completing Elmer’s Rifles exchanges.

Solo Tournaments Highlights:

– Dominate the Daily Hunt solo tournament milestones to earn points in the 7-day Duck Season Tournament. Each milestone in the Duck Season Tournament rewards tons of Epic Daffy Duck toon pieces!

– Scoring rules for daily tournaments will revolve around collecting Elmer’s Rifles, collecting featured event toons and completing the day’s Duck Season Campaign.

– Scoring rules for the Duck Season Tournament will revolve around completing milestones in daily tournaments.