Ehhh, what’s up, doc? Robo-Taz here, the Tasmanian Devil’s latest and greatest invention! This ain’t your grandpappy’s Taz, see? I’m a whirlin’, twirlin’, metallic marvel with a mean streak a mile wide!

I’m the fastest thing on two legs, maybe even four, and I’m packin’ more punch than a Tasmanian twister! I can steal your power-ups faster than you can say “beep beep,” and I’ll leave your whole team in a dizzying daze.

My Acme-powered gadgets are top-of-the-line, and I’m always ready to rev up the action! Watch out for my multi-hit attack; it’ll leave you more scrambled than Tasmanian eggs!

So, if you’re lookin’ for a real Tasmanian tornado, look no further than Robo-Taz! 

Below, find the details about this Epic 7-day Event!

  • Event Token: Floral Hat(Seasonal Token), Lightbulb Energy (Special Event Energy)
  • Event Energy: Event Energy

Featured Toons:

Robo-Taz (No exchange)Revenant Road Runner
Solid Tin CoyoteYokai Taz
Solid Tin Road RunnerBlack Knight Sam
Pitcher BabbitBugs the Brave
Major League SpeedyElmer the Sure
Catcher CatstelloSylvester the Brash
Monster FoghornFoghorn the Invincible
Dr. DawgsteinTweety the Twue
Ralph the VampireMarvin the Marvelous
Dr. FrankenbeansDaffy the Braver
Mummy RalphSquire Sylvester Jr. (No exchange)
Count Bloodcount (No exchange)Salesduck Daffy (Bonus)
Foghorn LeghornBarber Bugs (Bonus)
Barnyard DawgRalph Wolf (Bonus)
Miss PrissySam Sheepdog (Bonus)
Henery HawkMail Runner (Bonus)
Egghead Jr.Concierge Elmer (Bonus)
GossamerFireman Bugs (Bonus)
Phantom Le PewDr. Killpatient (Bonus)
Monster TweetyForeman Leghorn (Bonus)

Overall Structure

Collect Lightbulb Energy and Event Energy from Milestones and Daily Campaigns to play through the “Taz’s Techno Turmoil” to collect character pieces and Rank-up Robo-Taz! Gather even more Lightbulb Energy and Star Tokens (exchanged at the end of the season for Cosmic Stars) from the Cosmic Challenge!



Play through the “Taz’s Techno Turmoil” to collect Robo-Taz Pieces & Puzzle Pieces!

Requires: Lightbulb Energy. Later acts require ranked-up Robo-Taz.


Play through the Daily Campaign to collect Floral Hats, Lightbulb Energy, and Golden Tickets!

Requires: Event Energy. Later acts require Robo-Taz.

Robo-Taz requirements will progressively increase as the event progresses. 

Cosmic Challenge

Starts on July 1st. Must be player level 40+.

Fight to complete quests and earn Cosmic Stars from the tournament!

Requires: Event Energy. Ranked up Robo-Taz.

BP Extra

Starts on July 1st. Must be player level 40+

Bring this month’s battle pass toons for battle tickets and extra New-toon pieces!

Requires: Event Energy. Count Bloodcount & Hyde Bugs.


Collect Tournament Milestones to earn Lightbulb Energy, Robo-Taz Character Pieces, Event Energy, and more!

Collect 1 Wrench Taster10,000
Collect 1 Robo-Taz Toon Piece50
Collect 1 Taz Toon Piece3
Collect 1 Event Token: Floral Hat1
Complete 1 Wrapper Quest1500
Collect 1 Featured Toon Piece1
Win an Arena Tournament500
3-Star an Arena Battle200
2-Star an Arena Battle100
1-Star an Arena Battle50
Win an Endurance Tower Battle600
Open any Brawl Crate10
Open a Brawl Safe1,000
Open a Tasmania Crate250


Campaign QuestsEarn Lightbulb Energy, Featured toon CP, Seasonal tokens, Golden Tickets
Upgrade Robo-TazEarn Gems, Golden Tickets, Event Energy, Robo-Taz Tune Up Materials
Cosmic Tournament QuestsEarn Puzzle Pieces, Event Energy, Cosmic Stones
Complete Cosmic Challenge StagesEarn Cosmic Star Tokens, Puzzle pieces, and Puzzle Cards; Purchase Cosmic Challenge Pass to increase your rewards
Puzzle Card CollectionPlayers can collect Puzzle Pieces from campaigns & offers to get Puzzle Cards. Once players collect all 5 Puzzle Cards they can exchange their Puzzle Cards for CS7 Tweet-O-Tron, CS7 Solid Tin Road Runner, CS6 Tweet-O-Tron & more!


WheelSpin withRewardsJACKPOT
Ticket WheelGolden TicketsFeatured Toon Pieces300 – 1000 Major League Speedy CP

Event Energy Details

-100 Event Seasonal Energy

-100 Starting Energy

-Recharge 1 energy every 6 minutes

-Refresh Cost: 50 gems (4 times), then 100 gems (4 times), then 200 gems

-Refresh Amount: 100 energy

Offer Store Toon Exchange:

(Rotates each day)

20 Solid Tin Coyote pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 Tweet-o-Tron pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 Solid Tin Road Runner pieces300 Floral Hats40
15 Pitcher Babbit pieces300 Floral Hats40
10 Major League Speedy pieces300 Floral Hats40
15 Catcher Catstello pieces300 Floral Hats40
45 Monster Foghorn pieces300 Floral Hats40
45 Dr. Dawgstein pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 Ralph the Vampire pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 Dr. Frankenbeans pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 Mummy Ralph pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 Foghorn Leghorn pieces300 Floral Hats40
45 Barnyard Dawg pieces300 Floral Hats40
45 Miss Prissy pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 Henery Hawk pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 Egghead Jr. pieces300 Floral Hats40
45 Gossamer pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 Phantom Le Pew pieces300 Floral Hats40
20 Monster Tweety pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 O’Pat pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 Revenant Road Runner pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 Yokai Taz pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 O’Mike pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 Black Knight Sam pieces300 Floral Hats40
20 Bugs the Brave pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 Elmer the Sure pieces300 Floral Hats40
45 Sylvester the Brash pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 Foghorn the Invincible pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 Tweety the Twue pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 Marvin the Marvelous pieces300 Floral Hats40
30 Daffy the Braver pieces300 Floral Hats40

That’s all folks!

We hope you are enjoying this season’s events and are looking forward to your feedback as we keep working on providing events that are fun and rewarding every day.