That crazy Tasmanian Devil’s birthday is here, and we’re celebrating with a BANG! Introducing the TAZ Cake Vacuum – a super-powered, cake-tastic gadget that’ll make TAZ faster, stronger, and sweeter than ever before! This limited edition sucker won’t be around for long, so grab yours and let’s get this party started! Beep beep!

Taz Cake Vacuum Showcase

Taz Cake Vacuum Event

Celebrate Taz’s 70th Birthday in style with fashionable accessories! Complete daily quests to earn rewards, including Surprise Chests and The Balloons. Use Surprise Chests in the Kaboom Kit Exchange for Tournament points and a chance of Taz’s Cake Vacuum. The exchange resets daily and requires The Balloons to unlock further exchanges. Participate in the Tournament for guaranteed Health Vacuums and Taz’s Cake Vacuum.


Gain Kaboom Kit from the Surprise Chest!1


Upgrade Taz toons to get rewarded with Kaboom Kits & more!