Introducing the latest breakthrough in Martian technology: CARR-0T! Crafted exclusively for Martian Princess Bugs, this ingenious gadget not only enhances her defensive prowess but also introduces a delightful twist to her arsenal. With the CARR-0T equipped, Princess Bugs gains the ability to summon her trusty assistant, CARR-0T, to her side in the heat of battle. As her loyal companion, CARR-0T provides invaluable support, aiding Princess Bugs in strategic maneuvers while ensuring her beauty remains unrivaled amidst the chaos of combat. Prepare to witness the perfect blend of utility and charm as Martian Princess Bugs unleashes the power of CARR-0T on the battlefield!

CARR-0T Showcase

CARR-0T Event

Complete daily quests, earn Martian Crystals and exchange them for a chance at CARR-0T!

Dive into daily quests featuring specific toons in the World of Mayhem. Hustle through these quests to snag Martian Crystals, perfect for the Martian Crystal Exchange where you can score Tournament points and a shot at CARR-0T. Talk about a wild ride!

You’ve got 10 shots at the exchange initially, and if you’re itching for more, you’ll need UFO (grabbed from quests) to unlock extra exchanges. It’s a daily reset, so keep those peepers peeled!

And here’s the kicker, even if luck isn’t your sidekick, the Tournament guarantees Iron Jacket

and Martian Princess’s CARR-0T. Get set to wiggle your whiskers for the one and only Martian Princess Bugs! It’s gonna be a toon-tastic time!


Gain Martian Tablet from the Martian Crystals!1


Upgrade certain Rabbit toons each day & get rewarded with Martian Crystal and the UFOs

Additionally, there is a mini-campaign – Galactic tales, where players can participate to earn pieces of the Martian Princess Bugs!

We hope you enjoy this new version of Martian Princess Bugs & as always we’re eager to hear your feedback!