Magus Mallard Daffy is a powerful and resourceful sorcerer indeed, and even when everything seems lost, when he’s staring defeat in the eyes, that’s when he allows himself one last throw of the dice: his custom-made, ACME-Guaranteed Magus’ Health Vacuum, unlocking his full potential and a dazzling new look: Magus Mallard the White.

Coming to the World of Mayhem, the Magus’ Health Vacuum introduces a new type of Gadget: Limited Edition Gadgets, variations of existing Epic Gadgets that unlock exclusive cosmetics when equipped by the right toons. For the gray wizard, when equipped with a full set of Magus’ Health Vacuum he transforms into Magus Mallard the White, unlocking a completely new look accompanied by exclusive visual effects on his skills. 

Limited Edition Gadgets are exclusive: Magus’ Health Vacuums drop on 1/29/24 and will remain available for 4 days only. While only Magus is able to unlock the Magus’ Health Vacuum’s hidden power, any toon can equip it and use it as a normal Epic Health Vacuum: it’ll still grant them its stats and skills.

Magus Mallard the White Showcase

Magus’ Health Vacuums Event

Complete daily quests, earn Swords of the Secret Fire and exchange them for a chance at Magus’ Health Vacuums!

Dive into daily quests featuring specific toons in the World of Mayhem. Hustle through these quests to snag Swords of the Secret Fire, perfect for the Secret Fire Exchange where you can score Tournament points and a shot at Magus’ Health Vacuums. Talk about a wild ride!

You’ve got 10 shots at the exchange initially, and if you’re itching for more, you’ll need The Ring of Mayhem (grabbed from quests) to unlock extra exchanges. It’s a daily reset, so keep those peepers peeled!

And here’s the kicker, even if luck isn’t your sidekick, the Tournament guarantees Health Vacuums and Magus’ Health Vacuums. So, get ready to shake your tail feathers for the one and only Magus Mallard the White! It’s gonna be a toon-tastic time!


Gain Hype from the Secret Fire Exchange1 Point


Upgrade certain Daffy Duck toons each day & get rewarded with Swords of the Secret Fire and the Ring of Mayhem

We hope you enjoy this new version of Magus Mallard Daffy & as always we’re eager to hear your feedback!