Well, slap me with a salmon, folks! Tomorrow’s a big day in the World of Mayhem, as we welcome a brand new member to the crew! Rainbow Bird Beaky is the name, and boy, is he a colorful character! This lively bird can soar through the skies with ease, leaving a trail of colors in their wake. But don’t let his bright feathers and playful demeanor fool ya – Rainbow Bird Beaky is a fierce competitor on the battlefield! With lightning-fast moves and a sharp beak to boot, they’ll leave our enemies scrambling for cover!

He’s a Legendary Defender from Tasmania region

Below, find the details about this Legendary 7-day Event!

  • Event Token: Green Hurricane (Seasonal Token), Fierce Claw (Rainbow Bird Beaky Exchange Token), Broken Mirror (Rainbow Bird Beaky Legendary Wheel Token)
  • Event Energy: Event Energy

Featured Toons

Rainbow Bird Beaky (No exchange)Captain Daffy (No exchange)
Banshee-Devil (No exchange)Cannoneer Canasta
Baba Yaga Hazel (No exchange)Dread Pirate Penelope
Issun-Boshi Speedy (No exchange)Barrelhawk Henery
Evil GrannyCaptain Bligh
Nova BunnySea-Devil
Supersonic HopperHitman Crusher
The RapthcallionShinobi Tweety
Dr. DaffySpace Runner Canasta
Hare Hunter PorkyNinja Ralph
Happy RabbitGabby goat (No exchange)
The Do-Do Bird

Overall Structure

Play through the ”Folklore Tale” Campaign to collect Rainbow Bird Beaky’s Character Pieces and event tokens. Spin the Broken Mirror Wheel to get more pieces and collect Seasonal Cosmic Star Tokens from the Cosmic Challenge Quests and Campaigns.

Daily Campaigns and Quests reward you with bonus Featured Toon Character Pieces and Event Energy to strengthen the featured toons and farm additional Rainbow Bird Beaky Character Pieces.



“Folklore Tale”
Battle for Rainbow Bird Beaky character pieces! Farm for Green Hurricanes and Fierce Claw!

Requires: Event Energy
Chapter 2 of this campaign requires Gabby Goat


“Flicker of Wings”
Complete DAILY to earn rewards and complete special quests!

Requires: Event Energy


“Land of Fire”
Defeat the battles and earn Rainbow Bird Beaky character pieces and Broken Mirror!

Requires: Event Energy, Rainbow Bird Beaky

This campaign requires Gabby Goat


Collect Tournament Milestones to earn Fierce Claw, Rainbow Bird Beaky Character Pieces, Event Energy, and more!

Complete Event Quest300
Collect 150 Fierce Claw150
Consume 50 Seasonal Energy50
Collect 1 Rainbow Bird Beaky Toon Piece25
Collect 1 Banshee-Devil or Nova Bunny Piece20
Collect 1 Featured Event Toon Piece2


Collect Featured Toon Character PiecesEarn Event Energy, Featured toon CP, Golden Tickets & Marvelous Cosmic Stones
Upgrade Rainbow Bird BeakyEarn Gems, Golden Tickets, Event Energy, Rainbow Bird Beaky Tune Up Materials
Complete Cosmic Challenge StagesEarn Cosmic Star Tokens and Broken Mirrors; Purchase Cosmic Challenge Pass to increase your rewards


WheelSpin withRewardsJACKPOT
Rainbow Ticket WheelGolden TicketsFeatured Toon CP300-1000 Dr Daffy pieces!
Broken Mirror WheelBroken MirrorRainbow Bird Beaky CP300 – 1000 Rainbow Bird Beaky CP

Event Energy Details

-100 Event Seasonal Energy

-100 Starting Energy

-Recharge 1 energy every 6 minutes

-Refresh Cost: 50 gems (4 times), then 100 gems (4 times), then 200 gems

-Refresh Amount: 100 energy

Offers Store Toon Exchange

20 Evil Granny pieces300 Green Hurricane40
30 Nova Bunny pieces300 Green Hurricane40
30 Supersonic Hopper pieces300 Green Hurricane40
30 The Rapthcallion pieces300 Green Hurricane40
10 Dr. Daffy pieces300 Green Hurricane40
15 Hare Hunter Porky pieces300 Green Hurricane40
15 Happy Rabbit pieces300 Green Hurricane40
15 The Do-Do Bird pieces300 Green Hurricane40
30 Cannoneer Canasta pieces300 Green Hurricane40
20 Dread Pirate Penelope pieces300 Green Hurricane40
30 Barrelhawk Henery pieces300 Green Hurricane40
30 Captain Bligh pieces300 Green Hurricane40
30 Sea-Devil pieces300 Green Hurricane40
30 Hitman Crusher pieces300 Green Hurricane40
30 Shinobi Tweety pieces300 Green Hurricane40
30 Space Runner Canasta pieces300 Green Hurricane40
20 Ninja Ralph pieces300 Green Hurricane40

Web-store Refresh

We will be making a few updates in the upcoming months to ensure our Web-store remains the place with the most valuable and exciting offers.

For Rainbow Bird Beaky’s event, we will connect the inventories between the game and the web-store offers and introduce brand-new Web Exclusive Offers. Meaning, if you purchase something from the in-game store, it will also go away from the web-portal. The Web Exclusive offers are, as the name implies, exclusive to the web-portal. They are the most exciting, and best way to earn Beepcoin and Web Event Milestones.

That’s all folks!

We hope you are enjoying Season 18 and are looking forward to your feedback as we keep working on providing events that are fun and rewarding every day.