Greetings, Toonsters. The devilish and mischievous Banshee-Devil is soon to be unleashed upon your world. With her supernatural powers and relentless sense of humor, there is no one who can match her wit, charm, and power. As the master of all things dark and twisted, you will quake in fear at her arrival as she brings chaos and mayhem to your world!

Read to learn all the details about this Epic 7 day Event!

  • Event Tokens: Big Teeth, Green Hurricane
  • Event Energy: Event Energy used in Event Campaigns

Featured Toons:

Banshee-Devil (No Exchange)Lunar Petunia
Issun-Boshi Speedy (No Exchange)Witch Hazel
Pepe Le BardRed Riding Rabbit (No exchange)
Thoth Beaky (No Exchange)Black Knight Sam
Jester BugsFair Lady Melissa
Bugs the BraveTweety the Twue
Scarlet PumpernickelDaffy the Braver (No exchange)
Siegfried ElmerTigress Penelope
GossamerAlchemist Frankenbeans
Devil DogLunar Bugs
Super CoyoteMaster Speedy
Marvin the MarvelousFoghorn Leghorn
Lunar LolaDr. Killpatient

Overall Structure

Play through the Banshee-Devil Campaign to collect her character pieces, as well as the Big Teeth, used to spin the wheel for even more pieces. Also collect Star Tokens to use at the end of the season for Cosmic Stars!

Event Changes

Players will now be rewarded with more Banshee-Devil toon pieces on completing Wheel Quests. 



Play for toon pieces, then farm for tokens to spin the wheel and get even more rewards!

Requires: Event Energy. Later acts require ranked-up Banshee-Devil.


Play for toon pieces, then farm for tokens to spin the wheel and get even more rewards!

Requires: Event Energy. Later acts require ranked-up Banshee-Devil


Play for toon pieces, then farm for tokens to spin the wheel and get even more rewards!

Requires: Event Energy. Later acts require tuned-up Baba Yaga Hazel


Win Tons of Prizes for the Event!

Must be player level 40+.

Complete Event Quest1000
Spin the Event’s Golden Ticket Wheel500
Consume 50 Event Energy50
Collect 1 Banshee-Devil Toon Piece50
Collect 1 Issun-Boshi Speedy Toon Piece25
Collect 1 Featured Toon Piece3
Collect 1 Event Token: Green Hurricane1


Must be player level 20+

Upgrade Banshee-DevilEarn Gems, Gold, Event Energy, Tune Up Materials
Complete CampaignsEarn Banshee-Devil Character Pieces, Event tokens, Event Energy, and more!
Spin Token and Ticket WheelsEarn Banshee-Devil Character Pieces, Big Teeth, Event Energy


WheelSpin withRewardsJACKPOT
Ticket Wheel3 Golden TicketsEgghead the Knowing Legendary Toon Pieces300 – 1000 Egghead the Knowing Toon Pieces
Teeth Wheel250 Big ToothBanshee-Devil Toon Pieces300 – 600  Banshee-Devil Toon Pieces

Event Energy Details

-100 Event Energy

-100 Starting Energy

-Recharge 1 energy every 6 minutes

-Refresh Cost: 50 gems (4 times), then 100 gems (4 times), then 200 gems

-Refresh Amount: 100 energy

Offer Store Toon Exchange: 

(Rotates each day)

45 Gossamer pieces300 Seasonal Tokens60
45 Witch Hazel pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40
45 Pepe Le Bard pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40
30 Black Knight Sam pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40
45 Scarlet Pumpernickel pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40
30 Siegfried Elmer pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40
30 Foghorn Leghorn pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40
30 Lunar Petunia pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40
45 Devil Dog pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40
20 Bugs the Brave pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40
30 Master Speedy pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40
30 Jester Bugs pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40
30 Tweety the Twue pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40
30 Dr. Killpatient pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40
30 Marvin the Marvelous pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40
30 Alchemist Frankenbeans pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40
30 Fair Lady Melissa pieces300 Seasonal Tokens60
30 Tigress Penelope pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40
15 Lunar Lola pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40
12 Lunar Bugs pieces300 Seasonal Tokens40

NOTE: We had mentioned in the Season 18 blog that Daffy the Braver will be part of the toon exchange. That was not correct info & we have edited the Season 18 blog to reflect the accurate info.

That’s all folks!

We hope you enjoy this new toon and event and are looking forward to your feedback as we keep working on providing fun and rewarding events every day.