Hey there, folks! Meet Issun Boshi Speedy, the pint-sized samurai who’s ready to slice and dice his way through Looney Tunes World of Mayhem! This little guy may be small, but don’t let his size fool you – he’s got the skill and speed to take down even the toughest foes. With his trusty sword and lightning-fast moves, Issun Boshi Speedy is one toon you always want in your team!

He’s an Epic Attacker from the Tasmania region. 

Below, find the details about this Epic 14-day Event!

  • Event Token: Moon Butterfly (Seasonal Token), Rice Bowl (Issun Boshi Speedy Exchange Token), Chopstick (Issun Boshi Speedy Secondary Exchange Token)
  • Event Energy: Event Energy

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Overall Structure

Brawl for Event Crates to obtain Rice Bowls, then exchange them in the Events store for Issun-Boshi Speedy pieces! Every day the SUPERCHARGER Exchange refreshes, so turn in your Rice Bowls there first for the most pieces, plus Milestone rewards containing even more pieces! Keep brawling to use the regular exchanges for bonus pieces each day!

Folklore Previews

Issun-Boshi Speedy will have three Folklore allies, and he’s come with previews of some of their skills! You can see each of them individually or all together in the “Folklore Feud” campaign, as well as any Brawl that you bring Issun-Boshi Speedy into during the 2-week event! Issun-Boshi Speedy will also treat his allies as Folklore toons so that they can make proper use of the skills. It’s not quite like having his full team’s synergies, but we hope you have fun mixing and matching your toons with him! Here’s what each skill does:

  • Banshee-Devil (given to your Attacker): “Banshee’s Lament: At the end of each Attacker’s turn, this toon gains 10% Turn Meter and Piercing Up or Attack Up. If that Attacker is a Folklore ally, grant them 3 Speed Up.”
  • Baba Yaga Hazel (given to your Support): “Chicken Legs: Whenever an allied Defender loses Taunt, unless Incapacitated, grant Sturdy to team members below 35% Max HP. Whenever this toon heals a team member that has Sturdy, grant them Healing Over Time.”
  • Rainbow Bird Beaky (given to your Defender): “Boon of the Rainbow: While this toon remains in battle, Folklore team members are Healed for 20% Max Health whenever they lose Sturdy, and if they lack Taunt, they gain 15% Turn Meter whenever they gain Sturdy.”


Featured Teams

“Featured Teams”
Start by earning the Featured Teams to bring into Brawl!

Requires: Event Energy

Team Preview

“Folklore Feud”
Bring Issun-Boshi Speedy to get a sneak peek of some of his team members’ skills!

Requires: Event Energy, Issun-Boshi Speedy

Cosmic Challenge

(Begins 8/3/23. Minimum level 40)

Beat these challenging stages to earn Star Tokens to exchange for Cosmic Stars!

Requires: Event Energy, Featured Toons & Issun Boshi Speedy, Must Earn 3★ to Advance

Issun-Boshi Crate Milestones

Use the Daily Supercharger Exchange to earn Issun Boshi Speedy & legendary toon pieces, gems, and Rice Bowls!

Event Brawl Crates

As the event progresses, the Event Crates will require Issun-Boshi Speedy unlocked or at different Star Ranks. The number of Rice Bowls awarded per crate will vary, as well. Make sure to obtain enough Rice Bowls for the daily Supercharger Exchange to keep up!

The Event Crates also contain WB Charms, so you don’t need to worry about missing out on your Safes while playing the event, and users who normally don’t get a chance at WB Charms will now be able to access Tune-Up levels above 45! The chance of obtaining WB Charms is based on the reduced duration of Event Crates compared to Safes, so you should be able to obtain about the same number of charms as during other times.


Collect Tournament Milestones to earn Issun Boshi Speedy Character Pieces, Event Energy, and more!

Collect 1 Issun-Boshi Speedy Toon Piece50
Open an Event Crate500
Steal Any Crate2
Spin the Event’s Golden Ticket Wheel250
Collect 1 Featured Toon Piece1
Collect 1 Event Token: Moon Butterfly1
Use 5 Event Energy1


Collect Featured Toon Character PiecesEarn Event Energy, Featured toon CP, Golden Tickets
Upgrade Issun Boshi SpeedyEarn Gems, Golden Tickets, Event Energy, Issun Boshi Speedy Tune Up Materials
Complete Cosmic Challenge StagesEarn Cosmic Star Tokens and Rice BowlPurchase Cosmic Challenge Pass to increase your rewards


WheelSpin withRewardsJACKPOT
Issun Boshi Speedy Ticket WheelGolden TicketsFeatured Toon CP300-1000 Chungus Claus pieces!

Event Energy Details

-100 Event Seasonal Energy

-100 Starting Energy

-Recharge 1 energy every 6 minutes

-Refresh Cost: 50 gems (4 times), then 100 gems (4 times), then 200 gems

-Refresh Amount: 100 energy

NOTE: Instead of the regular exchanges where players could get their hands on featured toons. For this event, players will be able to get the whole teams of the featured toons rather than just getting the particular toons.

That’s all folks!

We hope you are enjoying Season 17 and are looking forward to your feedback as we keep working on providing events that are fun and rewarding every day.