Attention all Toons! Get ready to join the beloved Looney Tunes characters for an exciting adventure in Season 14 Cosmic Campaign. Daffy the Braver, Duck Amuck, and Red Riding Rabbit are here and ready to take on new challenges and earn rewards. It’s time to show off your skills and have some fun. Let’s go!

  • Event Tokens: Storybook, Cosmic Medal, Star Token
  • Event Energy: Event Energy used in Event Campaigns
  • Note: Because Cosmic Stars are not available to lower-leveled players, this event is only playable at level 40+.

Overall Structure

Play through the Season 14 Cosmic Campaign to earn Star Tokens and Cosmic Medals. You can exchange Cosmic Medals for more Star Tokens or use them to spin the Cosmic Medal Wheel. Exchange Star Tokens for up to Cosmic Star 7 of any (or all) of this season’s event toons! Also, keep an eye out for Daffy the Braver, Duck Amuck & Red Riding Rabbit Character Pieces, and more, including the exclusive “Cosmic Amuck” title!

Event Changes

Additional Milestones have been added with Star Tokens, and Jackpot Tokens now give direct tournament points (as does using the Star Token exchanges). Aim less for character piece collection, and more for Cosmic Stars–it is the Cosmic Campaign, after all!

Jackpot Tokens have been split (instead of the wheel giving 1 Jackpot Token which can be exchanged for 1 Star Token, it can now give 10-25 Jackpot Tokens, and 10 of them can be exchanged for 1 Star Token) and added to daily quests. Daily bonus quests have been adjusted and are no longer required to complete any specific WB Charm quest.

Also, Duck Amuck has a special timed exchange (in addition to the regular Cosmic Star exchanges)! The earlier you use the exchange, the fewer Star Tokens you need to obtain Cosmic Star 7 for this legendarily animated toon (as few as 40 Star Tokens!)



Play for Star Tokens, Cosmic Medals, Toon pieces, & more!

Requires: Event Energy. Later acts require Daffy the Braver, Duck Amuck & Red Riding Rabbit 

WB Charms

Bring Featured Toons To Earn WB Charms

Requires: Event Energy.


Win Star Tokens, Cosmic Stars, Toon Pieces, Energy + more!

Collect 1 Jackpot Token5000
Collect 1 Star Token1000
Use the Star Token Chance or Mega Star Token Chance750
Collect 1 Duck Amuck Toon Piece15
Collect 1 Red Riding Rabbit Toon Piece15
Collect 1 Daffy the Braver Toon Piece15
Collect 1 Featured Toon Piece1
Collect 1 Material: Cosmic Medal1
Collect 1 Material: Storybook1


Complete Cosmic CampaignsEarn Star Tokens, Battle Pass Points, Golden Tickets, Storybooks, Gems, and Cosmic Medals!
Collect Star TokensEarn Battle Pass Points, Cosmic Medals, Secret Stuff, and Gold
Use “Star Token Chance” ExchangesEarn Battle Pass Points, Event Energy, and Gold


WheelSpin withRewardsJACKPOT
Ticket Wheel3 Golden TicketsFeatured CP300 – 1000 Dr Daffy CP
Cosmic Medal Wheel500 Cosmic MedalsFeatured CP, Jackpot Token10-25 Jackpot Tokens (completes quests and can exchange for Star Tokens)

Event Energy Details

-100 Event Energy

-100 Starting Energy

-Recharge 1 energy every 6 minutes

-Refresh Cost: 50 gems (4 times), then 100 gems (4 times), then 200 gems.

-Refresh Amount: 100 energy

Exchange Rates for Season 14 toons

Cosmic Star 13 Star Tokens
Cosmic Star 26 Star Tokens
Cosmic Star 318 Star Tokens
Cosmic Star 424 Star Tokens
Cosmic Star 542 Star Tokens
Cosmic Star 651 Star Tokens
Cosmic Star 760 Star Tokens

Featured Toons

Featured Toons
Red Riding Rabbit (No exchange)Michigan J Frog
Bugs BunnyCorny Conductor Elmer
Daffy the Braver (No exchange)Show Biz Bugs
Star-Pharaoh Daffy (No exchange)Show Biz Daffy
Captain Daffy (No exchange)Bugs the Brave
Daffy DuckTweety the Twue
Duck Amuck (No exhange)Marvin the Marvelous
Rabbit Rampage (No exchange)Elmer the Sure
Dr. DaffyFoghorn the Invincible
The Do-Do Bird (No exchange)Sylvester the Brash
Happy RabbitHare Hunter Porky

That’s all, folks!

We hope you enjoy this event and are looking forward to your feedback as we keep working on providing fun and rewarding events every day.