Folks of Mayhem,

In this article, you will find the structure and information for the 14th Event Season.

Event Format

  • Complete weekly Season Wrapper Quests to receive Battle Pass Points, Event Energy, and other rewards!
  • Event Energy is the same energy used in previous events.
  • Event Tokens and Star Tokens from Season 13 do not carry over into Season 14.
  • Season 14 events will be available to players starting at level 20! The exception is the Cosmic Campaign, which is available starting at level 40.

Season 14

New Toons!

Daffy the Braver (Epic Defender, Avalooney)

Available April 27th  – May 4th, 2023

Event:Duck Amuck (Legendary Support, WB Studios)

Available: May 4th – May 11th, 2023

This event does not use the standard “featured toons” structure.

Red Riding Rabbit (Epic Support, Forest)

Available: May 11th – May 18th, 2023

Featured toons TBD.

Cosmic Campaign Event

Featured toons for the Cosmic Campaign event will be communicated at a later date. 

Battle Pass

Battle Pass will last four weeks, running from April 30th, 2023 to May 28th, 2023.

Battle Pass Characters: Rabbit Rampage, Captain Daffy, Daffy the Braver, Star-Pharaoh Daffy, and Duck Amuck

Be ready to enter this Battle Pass featuring the new Rabbit Rampage toon alongside other Daffy toons. 

Please note: Event structure is subject to change before release.