Cart Baby Finster is an Epic Support, driving in to help the Snow Bandits team! 

Let’s take a look at his event!

  • Event Tokens: Star Token, Ice Pick
  • Event Pass Token: Cosmic Challenge Pass
  • Event Energy: Secret Bib Energy, Event Energy used in Event Campaigns
  • Featured Toons:
Cart Baby FinsterDr. Killpatient
Demolitionist SamFireman Bugs
Blacque Jacque ShellacqueSam Sheepdog
Anubis K-9Mail Runner
Henery HorusRalph Wolf
Athena PetuniaBarber Bugs
Hermes Road RunnerConcierge Elmer
Foreman LeghornSalesduck Daffy

Overall Structure

Collect Secret Bib Energy and Event Energy from Milestones and Daily Campaigns to play through the “That’s Not So Ice!” Campaign to collect character pieces and Rank-up Cart Baby Finster! Gather even more Secret Bib Energy and Star Tokens (exchanged at the end of the season for Cosmic Stars) from the Cosmic Challenge!

Event Changes

Tournament points have been increased for certain rules to further reward the collection of Ice Picks and toon pieces during the first and second half of the event, respectively.

Enemy toons in campaigns have had their speed boosts removed or minimized. Their other stats have been increased to maintain a similar (or, in some more difficult stages, slightly higher) Stage Power, but the reduction in speed will give players’ toons more opportunities to fight against these powerful foes. This change will also apply to events moving forward.

(Contrary to popular belief, much–often half or more–of the speed possessed by enemy toons in previous events came from these additional boosts. Many toons, especially with enough Core Boosts, should be able to reach similar speeds to even the higher-leveled enemies now.)

We hope these changes make for a more enjoyable and rewarding event experience.



Play through the “That’s Not So Ice!” Campaign to collect Cart Baby Finster Pieces!

Requires: Secret Bib Energy. Later acts require ranked-up Cart Baby Finster.


Play through the Daily Campaign to collect Ice Picks, Secret Bib Energy, and Golden Tickets!

Requires: Event Energy. Later acts require Cart Baby Finster.

Cosmic Challenge

Starts on February 21st. Must be player level 40+.

Beat these challenging stages to earn Star Tokens to exchange for Cosmic Stars!

Requires: Event Energy. Ranked up Cart Baby Finster.


Win Star Tokens, Secret Bib Energy, Gold, and more! 

Must be player level 40+.

Tournament 1 (Feb 17 – Feb 21)

Complete 1 Wrapper Quest1500
Collect 1 Cart Baby Finster Toon Piece50
Collect 1 Featured Toon Piece1
Collect 1 Material: Ice Pick3
Win an Arena Tournament1500
3-Star an Arena Battle900
2-Star an Arena Battle600
1-Star an Arena Battle300
Win an Endurance Tower Battle400
Open any Crate1
Open a Support Crate200
Open a Summit Crate100

Tournament 2 (Feb 21 – Feb 24)

Complete 1 Wrapper Quest1500
Collect 1 Cart Baby Finster Toon Piece50
Collect 1 Featured Toon Piece2
Collect 1 Material: Ice Pick1
Win an Arena Tournament750
3-Star an Arena Battle450
2-Star an Arena Battle300
1-Star an Arena Battle150
Win an Endurance Tower Battle400
Open any Crate3
Open a Defender Crate600
Open a Town Crate400


Must be player level 20+

Collect Cart Baby Finster CPEarn Gems, Gold, Event Energy, Tune Up Materials
Upgrade Cart Baby FinsterEarn Gold, Regional Atoms, Event Energy, Cart Baby Finster CP
Complete CampaignsEarn Featured Toon CP, Cart Baby Finster CP, Gold, Ice Picks, and the exclusive “Gonna Cry” title.
Complete Cosmic Challenge Campaign (level 40+)Earn Secret Bib Energy, Gold, Star Tokens (exchange for Cart Baby Finster Cosmic Stars)


WheelSpin withRewardsJACKPOT
Ticket Wheel3 Golden TicketsCart Baby Finster and Featured CP300 – 1000 Cart Baby Finster CP

Secret Bib Energy Details

-100 Event Energy

-0 Starting Energy

-Recharge 0 energy.

-Refresh Cost: 9999999 Gems

-Refresh Amount: 1 energy

Event Energy Details

-100 Event Energy

-100 Starting Energy

-Recharge 1 energy every 6 minutes

-Refresh Cost: 50 gems (4 times), then 100 gems (4 times), then 200 gems (4 times)

-Refresh Amount: 100 energy

That’s all, folks!

We hope you enjoy this new toon and event and are looking forward to your feedback as we keep working on providing fun and rewarding events every day.