The original Toro finally makes his appearance, joining the revamped Bullfighter team. Read to learn all the details about this Epic 7 day Event!

  • Event Token: Horns, Cue Chalk, Catalyst (Legendary Wheel)
  • Event & Season Energy: S5 Energy Used for all events during Season 5
  • Featured Toons:
Toro BullfighterRonin Canasta Scoundrel
Matador Bugs BullfighterThe Pig Kahuna Scoundrel
Flamenco Prissy BullfighterWitchdoctor Hazel Scoundrel
Picador Sylvester Jr. BullfighterWitch Hazel Scoundrel
Zombie Sam HorrorMichigan J. Frog Show Biz
Mummy Ralph HorrorCorny Conductor Elmer Show Biz
Ralph the Vampire HorrorShow Biz Daffy Show Biz
Dr. Frankenbeans HorrorShow Biz Bugs Show Biz

Overall Structure

Play through the Toro Campaign to collect his Character Pieces. Spin the Catalyst Wheel to get more pieces and promote him to higher Cosmic Stars from the Cosmic Chaos Quests and Campaigns.

The Arena, Brawl and Tower Tournaments will give you additional pieces, so make sure to play these game modes starting August 26, 28 and 31st respectively!



Bring Featured Toons to play for Toro pieces, Tune-Up Materials, & more!

Requires: S5 Energy

Cosmic Chaos

Starts on Aug 30.

Use Featured toons to play for cosmic stars (rewarded in Quests)!

Requires: S5 Energy, Featured Toons & Toro, Must Earn 3★ to Advance


Main Tournament

Collect Tournament Milestones to earn Toro Character Pieces & Star Tokens, Catalysts, S5 Energy and more!

Collect 1 Material: Catalyst Token1000
Spin the Toro Golden Ticket Wheel500
Collect 1 Toro Toon Piece50
Collect 1 Featured Toon Piece5
Collect 1 Material: Horns1

Arena Tournament

Starts Aug 26

Collect Tournament Milestones to earn Toro Character Pieces, S5 Energy and more!

Win an Arena Tournament2000
3-Star an Arena Battle1500
2-Star an Arena Battle1000
1-Star an Arena Battle750

Brawl Tournament

Starts Aug 28

Milestones include: Toro Character Pieces, S5 Energy and more!

Collect 1 Material: Cue Chalk1
Steal a Crate1
Win a Brawl Battle1

Endurance Tower Tournament

Starts Aug 31

Milestones include: Toro Character Pieces, S5 Energy and more!

Win an Endurance Tower Battle750


Upgrade ToroEarn Gems, Catalyst Tokens, S5 Energy, Tune Up Materials
Complete CampaignsEarn Toro Character Pieces, S5 Energy
Collect Catalyst TokensToro Character Pieces, Horns
Spin Toro WheelToro Character Pieces, Horns
Complete Cosmic Chaos CampaignStar Tokens, Toro Character Pieces

Crate Cracker

Starts on August 28

Steal Toro Crates to earn Cue Chalk and TU Materials!

NameItem RestrictionAttackers RestrictionsDefenders RestrictionsCostTime to Open
Toro Crate 1NoneRequired: Any 4 ToonsRequired: Any 4 Toons600 Gems1h 15m
Toro Crate 2At least 2 Featured Event Toons
Required: 2 Featured Toons
Required: Any 4 Toons800 Gems1h 15m
Toro Crate 3At least 4 Featured Event ToonsRequired: 4 Featured ToonsRequired: 2 Featured Toons1000 Gems1h 15m


WheelSpin withRewardsJACKPOT
Toro WheelGolden TicketsToro and Featured CPToro CP
Catalyst WheelCatalyst TokensFeatured Legendary CPLegendary CP
Black Ticket WheelBlack TicketsToro and Legendary CPToro & Legendary CP

Season 5 Energy Details

-100 S5 Seasonal Energy
-100 Starting Energy
-Recharge 1 energy every 6 minutes
-Refresh Cost: 50 gems (4 times), then 100 gems (4 times), then 200 gems (4 times)
-Refresh Amount: 100 energy

That’s all folks!

We hope you enjoy the first event of the Season 5 and are looking forward to your feedback, as we keep working on providing events that are fun and rewarding every day.

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