Somewhere in the arctic, as the sun slowly sets, the most dapper of silhouettes can be made out in the distance.

Tuxedo Bugs and Playboy Penguin are just two very well-dressed gentlemen, asking to be loved. Will you join this elegant duo in their quest to Become a Gentleman and find love?

Event Details:

  • Duration: Feb 11 – Feb 15
  • Unlock Level: 40
  • 2 Campaigns:
    • Main Campaign: Becoming a Gentleman
    • Legendary Campaign: Crying Ice Cubes
  • Quests
  • Tournament
  • 2 Wheels
  • Featured Toons:
    • Playboy Penguin
    • Tux Bugs
    • Cupid Elmer
    • Gentleman Pepe
    • Elmer Bugs
    • Krampus Dog
    • Sword Swallower She-Devil
    • Big Chungus (BattlePass toon)
    • Samurai Sam (BattlePass toon)


This event will feature 2 Campaigns

Main Campaign: Becoming a Gentleman

  • Use your featured toons to unlock Tux Bugs!
  • Rewards include Tux Bugs and featured toon pieces, Tuxedos, and Tune Up Materials.
  • Tuxedos can be used in event exchanges.

Legendary Campaign: Crying Ice Cubes

  • Use Tux Bugs and featured toons to fight for Playboy Penguin pieces and Penguin Hats!
  • Requires Ice Cube Energy, which regenerates slowly and can be refreshed with gems.
  • First time rewards include Playboy Penguin pieces, Penguin Hats, Secret Stuff, Summit Atoms, and Superior Winter Gloves.
  • Repeat stages for a chance to collect Penguin Hats.
  • Penguin Hats can be used in the Penguin Hat Wheel for guaranteed Playboy Penguin pieces.

Event Exchanges

14 Tux Bugs Pieces300 Tuxedos1000
55 Gentlemen Pepe Pieces300 Tuxedos1000
100 Cupid Elmer Pieces300 Tuxedos1000
55 Elmer Bugs Pieces300 Tuxedos1000
27 Krampus Dog Pieces300 Tuxedos1000
35 Sword Swallower She-Devil Pieces300 Tuxedos1000
40 Ultimate XP Potions300 Tuxedos1000
30 Tux Bugs Pieces10 Crests of Mayhem50
50 Tux Bugs Pieces100 Battle Badges10


The event will feature 2 wheels:

  • Tux Wheel: Uses 3 Golden Tickets for a chance at Tux Bugs and other featured toons.
  • Hat Wheel: Uses 5 Penguin Hats for GUARANTEED Playboy Penguin pieces. 


Event Quests

  • Complete Acts in the first chapter of “Becoming a Gentleman” to unlock Cosmic Star 3 for Krampus Dog, Elmer Bugs, Gentleman Pepe, and Cupid Elmer.
  • Complete the “Crying Ice Cubes” campaign to unlock Cosmic Star 3 for Playboy Penguin, and Cosmic Star 4 for Tux Bugs, along with the “Crying Ice Cubes” game title.
  • Collect Featured Toon pieces and Superior Regional materials and be awarded with useful items such as featured toon pieces, Tuxedos, Cosmic Stars, Golden tickets, Gold league medals, and campaign energy.

We Found Love Quests

  • Empower your Tux Bugs and complete Crying Ice Cubes stages to complete quests.
  • Completing all will award Cosmic Star 3 for Tux Bugs.
  • Completing quests will award useful items such as Golden Tickets, Cosmic Stones, Secret Stuff, Carrots, Winter Gloves, Ice Cube Energy, and Campaign Energy.


Compete in our tournament by completing Quests, using Campaign energy, collecting Tux Bugs & Playboy Penguin pieces, and collecting Tuxedos.

Top scorers will face off for Ranked Rewards including the Dapper Gent gametitle, with tons of Crests of Mayhem, Golden Tickets, and Tune Up materials up for grabs.

Milestone rewards

MilestonesPointsTux BugsGolden TicketCarrotSuperior Winter glovesFine Winter glovesWinter glovesUltimate XP PotUltra XP PotGold