Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and our ACME engineers have been cooking up something explosively romantic. A huge cannon that will shower the world of Mayhem with hearts and stuffed toys!

However… Romance is a tricky ingredient. That boom you heard earlier? You guessed it. 

Want to help us find all the lost hearts and stuffed toys?

Gather enough and we’ll show the love by rewarding EVERYONE!

Event Overview

The World of Mayhem has been littered with Hearts and Stuffed Toy Animals.

Of course, Hearts will be your main goal. Each heart you collect will be tracked in both an Alliance Tournament and Global Community Milestones.

We’ll be tracking the entire community’s progression throughout the event and rewarding the ENTIRE community for each milestone you hit! Reach the goal and everyone gets a Free Tux Bugs Unlock!

  • Duration: Feb 10 – Feb 17
  • Unlock Level: 1
  • Community Milestones
  • Alliance Tournament
  • Quests

Where to find Hearts

Finding love always requires a bit of luck. So, your main source for Hearts during the event will be the Lucky Saloon! Try your luck each day to collect hearts that will contribute to the Alliance Tournament and overall Community Milestones.

You’ll also be able to get your hands on some free hearts every now and then, as we will be hiding them in the store regularly throughout the event.

Community Milestone

We’ve set a Community Goal for the event and will be updating you ingame of your overall progress.

Each day, we shall calculate the total amount of Hearts collected by all our players and we’ll update everyone ingame, along with sending any rewards you might have earned so far.

Here’s the full list of rewards Everyone can earn when hitting progression milestones.

25%2000 Cosmic Stones
50%‘Rainbow Warrior’ Game Title
75%1000 Secret Stuff
100%100 Tux Bugs Pieces

Alliance Tournament

Love is meant to be shared, so apart from working towards a community goal, you’ll also have a chance to rack up some rewards for your Alliance mates in the Heartsplosion Tournament.

See who collects the most hearts and face-off against other alliances for Ranked Rewards including Special Boost Cubes, Cosmic Stars, and Gold.

Milestone rewards include Stuffed Rainbow Penguins, which can be used in special Event exchanges.

Milestone rewards

MilestonesPointsGame title “Heart of War”Stuffed Rainbow PenguinSpecial Boost CubesTux BugsSecret StuffFine VialsTuneup TicketsFine AnvilFine Dynamite

Where to find Stuffed Toy Animals

Flung sky high in the Heartsplosion, a collection of Stuffed Toy Animals continues to rain over the store, coming in all shapes and sizes: Bears, Dolphins, Hedgehogs, and even Unicorns!

For the duration of the event, the store will regularly update with new Free Stuffed Animals to find! Check through each tab to claim your free stuffed animal which will help you progress in the Heartsplosion Quests.

Heartsplosion Quests

Finding the hidden stuffed animals in the store will help you complete quests!

Bears, Dolphins, Hedgehogs, Unicorns, and Rainbow Penguins will each have their own set of quests and will award you with Playboy Penguin pieces, Rainbow Penguins, Hearts, and other useful rewards!

Wait… Stuffed Rainbow Penguins?

Completing Heartsplosion Quests and reaching Alliance Tournament Milestones can award you with Stuffed Rainbow Penguins!

Not the best at camouflage yet still incredibly valuable, these explosions of color can be traded in for some exclusive exchanges!

Each exchange will also have a chance to award the game title “The Love Fool”.

Cosmic Exchange500 – 3,000 Cosmic StonesChance of up to Playboy Penguin CS51 Epic Ice Cube10 Campaign Energy2 Rainbow Penguins10
Summit Exchange7 – 15 Playboy Penguin pieces10,000 Gold10 Ultra XP Potions2 Superior Winter Gloves5 Fine Winter Gloves10 Winter Gloves5 Campaign Energy2 Rainbow Penguins10
WB Studio Exchange10 – 20 Gentleman Pepe pieces10,000 Gold10 Ultra XP Potions2 Superior Movie Cameras5 Fine Movie Cameras10 Movie Cameras5 Campaign Energy2 Rainbow Penguins10
Forest Exchange10 – 20 Cupid Elmer pieces10,000 Gold10 Ultra XP Potions2 Superior Dry Leaves5 Fine Dry Leaves10 Dry Leaves5 Campaign Energy2 Rainbow Penguins10
Secret Stuff Exchange200 – 500 Secret Stuff2 Rainbow Penguins10

There you have it! Try your luck at love each day in the Lucky Saloon, and keep searching for love by hunting down Free Hearts and Stuffed Animals hidden in the Store!