What’s up, doc?

We want to give you the heads-up of all new events coming in the next two weeks to World of Mayhem. This is just a high-level overview of our event scheduler with general information on the nature of the event, as well as main featured toons. As we get closer to each event, all their details will keep on appearing in the blog so don’t forget to check it out regularly for more details!

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to modify any of the dates or featured toons that you see here. We will always indicate what information has been changed with a [UPDATED] tag attached to it.

And without any further ado, let’s see what we have in store for all of you!

NOTE: Our PTL Event will be taking a week off, but returning for the week of the 28th of Feb.

Prehistoric Beep (February 18th to February 22nd)

A Zoom from the past, Roadius Runnerus is no fossil and marks the arrival of the all-new Prehistoric Team! Speed through the evolution of Road Runners to claim this Epic Attacker.

  • Type of event: New Toon Event
  • New Toon: Roadius Runnerus
  • Rarity: Epic Attacker
  • Other Featured Toons: Road Runner, Revenant Road Runner, Hermes Road Runner, Shooter Road Runner, All Athletes, All Imperials, Samurai Sheep Dog (Battle Pass Toon) and Big Chungus (Battle Pass Toon).

ENCORE!: Egghead The Knowing & Alchemist Frankenbeans (February 22nd to February 25th)

It will take two great minds to unravel our most obscure and mystical ENCORE! event yet. Egghead The Knowing and Alchemist Frankenbeans come ready to cast their spells… and blow up some potions while they’re at it.

  • Type of event: Re-run Event
  • Main Toons: Egghead the Knowing, Alchemist Frankenbeans
  • Other Featured Toons: Apprentice Hugo, The Sea-Devil, and Merlin Sam.

Mesozoic Mania! (February 25th to March 1st)

A DNA breakthrough sees the return of this Legendary prehistoric bird. Just don’t offer him birdseed… he prefers cats. Back from extinction and ready for chaos is Tweetysaurus Rex!

  • Type of event: New Toon Event
  • New Toon: Tweetysaurus Rex
  • Rarity: Legendary Attacker
  • Other Featured Toons: Roadius Runnerus, The Masked Terror, The Taz-Maniac, Wanderer Lola, Sellsword Sylvester, Warrior Monk Hector, Samurai Sheep Dog (Battle Pass Toon) and Big Chungus (Battle Pass Toon).

Bugs the Brave PTL (February 28th to March 4th)

Bugs the Brave

Our next PTL will feature Bugs the Brave.

Please remember this PTL event will not feature a PTL Wheel.

More info on the event can be found here.

ENCORE!: Evil Granny & Nova Bunny (March 1st to March 4th)

A sinister crackle fills the air as two beings of supreme power approach! Evil Granny & Nova Bunny are here and ready to duke it out!

  • Type of event: Re-run Event
  • Main Toons: Evil Granny, Nova Bunny
  • Other Featured Toons: Supersonic Hopper, The Rapthcallion, and Archon Elmer.

Dawn of the Bugs (March 4th to March 11th)

Dragging his powerful knuckles and leaving a trail of giant prehistoric carrot heads behind, Neanderthal Bugs casts his shadow upon the battlefield. This living wall of a toon will be a huge boulder in the path of your enemies.

This will be a week-long event, so expect more details closer to release.

  • Type of event: New Toon Event
  • New Toon: Neanderthal Bugs
  • Rarity: Epic Defender
  • Other Featured Toons: Roadius Runnerus, M4RV1N, EGGH34D, K-9000, All Wrestelrs, All Artists, Tweetysaurus Rex and Infinite Speedy (Battle Pass Toon).