January is almost over, giving you one last chance to take your first step in your new year’s resolutions, and maybe actually hit the gym.

In our latest Premium Special Event, you’ll be able to find Resolution Dumbbells bundled in special offers, and you’ll also be able to get a few in our daily event exchanges. 

You’ll be able to exchange them in a series of daily special event toon piece exchanges, which will refresh each day and give you a chance to really bulk them up.

Event Details

  • Event duration: Jan 25 – Feb 1
  • Unlock level: 40

Special Event Exchanges

A series of special exchanges will refresh its stock each day, offering the chance to grab pieces for a few select Toons every day!

RewardCostDaily Limit
1 Resolution Dumbbell200 Gems2
100 Star-Pharaoh Marvin10 Resolution dumbbells2
75 Archon Elmer3 Resolution  dumbbells5
75 Marvin3 Resolution  dumbbells5
75 K-93 Resolution  dumbbells5
100 Tazinsky12 Resolution  dumbbells2
75 Flamenco Prissy3 Resolution  dumbbells5
75 Zoot Suit Daffy3 Resolution  dumbbells5
75 Jester Bugs3 Resolution  dumbbells5
100 Ghost of Christmas Taz10 Resolution  dumbbells2
35 Krampus Dog5 Resolution  dumbbells3
60 Chungus Claus15 Resolution   dumbbells2
75 Reindeer Road Runner1 Resolution dumbbells5
50 Grand Dukeling5 Resolution  dumbbells5
75 Grand Duke Sylvester5 Resolution dumbbells5
40 Fair Lady Melissa5 Resolution dumbbells3
75 The Mighty Angelo1 Resolution dumbbells5
35 Coach Daffy5 Resolution dumbbells3