Programmed for battle, and taking the grid by surprise it’s the cybersphere’s very own Infinite Speedy!

The Cyber Team’s Legendary leader has finally been released! His skillset greatly empowers his team’s Hacks, allowing them to persist and be transferred if your enemy dies under its effects, and even allowing other Cyber Team toons to heal themselves when attacking Hacked enemies.

Join our event this Friday to add this Legendary Attacker to your Cyber Team!

Event Overview:

  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Unlock Level: 40
  • 3 Campaigns:
    • Daily Campaign
    • Main Campaign
    • Legendary Campaign
  • Daily Quests
  • Tournament
  • 2 Wheels
  • Featured Toons:
    • Infinite Speedy
    • K-9000
    • M4RV1N
    • EGGH34D
    • Supersonic Hopper
    • The Rapthcallion
    • K-9
    • Corny Conductor Elmer (Battlepass Toon)


This event will feature three Campaigns.

Daily Campaign: “Cryptoeing Closer”

  • Complete this Campaign daily to also complete the Daily Quest
  • Awards Cyber Suits and Infinite Speedy pieces each day.

Main Campaign: “Welcome Player One!”

  • Use the featured team to battle for Infinite Speedy pieces, Cyber Boots, and Cyber Suits.
  • Cyber Suits can be used in special event exchanges.
  • Cyber Boots can be used towards the Cyber Boot Exchange for a chance at unlocking Infinite Speedy.

Legendary Campaign: “Zero-Day Attack!”

  • Bring the Cyber team and face the ultimate challenge.
  • Awards Infinite Speedy and Cyber Goggles.
  • Cyber Goggles can be used to spin the Legendary “Goggles Wheel” for GUARANTEED Infinite Speedy pieces.

Event Exchanges

Exchange Cyber Boots for a chance at 300 Infinite Speedy Pieces!150 Cyber Boots1000
32 K-9000 Pieces300 Cyber Suits1000
100 M4RV1N Pieces300 Cyber Suits1000
100 EGGH34D Pieces300 Cyber Suits1000
54 Supersonic Hopper Pieces300 Cyber Suits1000
54 The Rapthcallion Pieces300 Cyber Suits1000
100 K-9 Pieces300 Cyber Suits1000
1 Cyber Goggles3 Golden Tickets10
1 Cyber Goggles5 Golden Tickets35
35 Ultimate XP Potions300 Cyber Suits1000
30 K-9000 Pieces10 Crests of Mayhem50
12 Infinite Speedy Pieces30 Crests of Mayhem125


Daily Quests:

  • Complete the Daily Campaign Each Day.
  • Awards Cyber Suits and Gold each day, with 5 Cyber Goggles as the final reward.

Event Quests:

  • Complete the Campaign, collect Toon Pieces & Materials, and use the Cyber Boot Exchange throughout the event.
  • Awards Toon Pieces, Cyber Boots, Gold Tickets, and more!


Participate in the tournament by completing event quests, using campaign energy, and collecting toon pieces and materials.

Milestone Rewards

MilestonesPointsInfinite SpeedyCyber BootsGolden TicketGemsCheeseSuperior BulbFine BulbBulbUltimate XP PotionUltra XP PotionGold

Infinite Speedy