Fireworks are more traditional for the Holidays, but ACME Industries always kicks things up to 11, so Holiday Rockets it is!

Our latest Premium Special Event which kicks off next Monday 27th of December, Holiday Rockets will be packed with explosive offers and exchanges. Holiday Rockets will be bundled in special offers and awarded in our Holiday Rockets quests. You’ll be able to exchange them in a series of rotating special event exchanges including some pretty tasty rewards!


Complete the following quests during the event to be awarded Holiday Rockets!

Complete 30 Event Quests5 Holiday Rockets
Open 25 Crates5 Holiday Rockets
Complete 25 Gadget CampaignBattles5 Holiday Rockets
Spin Tune Up wheel 30 Times5 Holiday Rockets
Use 13000 Gadget Scraps5 Holiday Rockets
Spend 3000 Gems5 Holiday Rockets
Use 5000 Energy5 Holiday Rockets
Complete 12 Challenge Battles5 Holiday Rockets
Complete all Questlines10 Holiday Rockets

Special Event Exchanges

Each day, a new series of exchanges with refreshed limits will appear, offering the chance to grab pieces for a few select Legendary Toons!

MONDAY – 12/27DAY 1Zombie Sam, Samurai Sheepdog, The Ghost of Xmas Taz
TUESDAY – 12/28DAY 2Big Chungus, Tazinsky
WEDNESDAY – 12/29DAY 3Michigan J Frog, LeBron James
THURSDAY – 12/30DAY 4Big Chungus, Tazinsky
FRIDAY – 12/31DAY 5Michigan J Frog, LeBron James
SATURDAY – 1/1DAY 6Zombie Sam, Samurai Sheepdog, The Ghost of Xmas Taz
SUNDAY – 1/2DAY 7Big Chungus, Tazinsky
WEDNESDAY – 1/3DAY 8Zombie Sam, Samurai Sheepdog, The Ghost of Xmas Taz
WEDNESDAY – 1/4DAY 9Michigan J Frog, LeBron James

These toons will be joined by other useful exchanges, so check out the full list of exchanges for each rotation below:

Days 1, 6, and 8

1 Holiday Rocket150 Gems2
100 Zombie Sam15 Holiday Rocket6
100 Samurai Sheepdog10 Holiday Rocket6
100 The Ghost of X-mas Taz10 Holiday Rocket6
1000 Marvelous cosmic stone30 Holiday Rocket2
200 Fine Vial5 Holiday Rocket1
8000 Gadget Scraps5 Holiday Rocket2
600 Secret Stuff5 Holiday Rocket2
5 Gadget Ticket10 Holiday Rocket2
10 Tune-Up Ticket1 Holiday Rocket5

Days 2, 4, and 7

1 Holiday Rocket150 Gems2
500,000 Gold5 Holiday Rocket10
5000 Great Cosmic Stone25 Holiday Rocket2
5 Golden Tickets5 Holiday Rocket1
500 Energy2 Holiday Rocket4
100 Big Chungus10 Holiday Rocket6
100 Tazinsky12 Holiday Rocket6
10 Superior Traffic Light4 Holiday Rocket6
10 Superior Bucket of Milk4 Holiday Rocket6
50 Fine Anvils5 Holiday Rocket2
30 Fine Traffic Light3 Holiday Rocket5
30 Fine Bucket of Milk3 Holiday Rocket5
100 Bucket of Milk2 Holiday Rocket5
100 Traffic Light2 Holiday Rocket5
100 Anvils5 Holiday Rocket1

Days 3, 5 and 9

1 Holiday Rocket150 Gems2
100 Michigan J frog15 Holiday Rocket6
100 LeBron James10 Holiday Rocket6
10 Superior Movie Camera4 Holiday Rocket6
50 Fine Movie Camera3 Holiday Rocket5
100 Movie Camera2 Holiday Rocket5
2 Top Hat3 Holiday Rocket3
2 Basketball3 Holiday Rocket3
50 Superior Dynamite15 Holiday Rocket1
50 Fine Dynamite5 Holiday Rocket2
100 Dynamite2 Holiday Rocket2