‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

You could hear a large thudding, too fat for a mouse;

Ring the alarms! Tell all to Beware!,

Chungus Claus was arriving and soon would be there;


His eyes-how they burned! With lasers, how scary!

His cheeks although furry, were far from being merry.

His bucktooth mouth, drawn up like a bow,

Just dreaming of the chaos he would soon bring in tow;


He sprang to his feet, and launched his last missile,

And away toons flew, making their loss official.

But I heard him exclaim, while he launched them in flight—

“Chungus among us, GG, and good fight!!”

Excerpts from “A visit from Chungus Claus” 

The holidays are fast approaching and with it our Naughty or Nice event!

This finally marks the arrival of Chungus Claus, the Holly Jolly Chonk himself, and Krampus Dog, along with their respective Nice List and Naughty List teams!

Event Overview:

  • Duration: Dec 23rd – Dec 30th
  • Unlock Level: 40
  • 2 Campaigns:
    • Main Campaign – “Stealing Christmas”
    • Legendary Campaign – “Naughty or Nice”
  • Quests:
    • Event Quests
    • Naughty List Quests
    • Nice List Quests
  • 2 Wheels:
    • Krampus Wheel
    • Cookie Wheel
  • 2 Tournaments
  • Featured Toons:
    • Chungus Claus
    • Krampus Dog
    • Reindeer Road Runner
    • Holiday Bugs Bunny
    • Ghost of Christmas Taz
    • Gothamer
    • General Pandemonium
    • Mummy Ralph
    • Scrooge Yosemite Same
    • Elf Daffy Duck


This event will feature 2 Campaigns:

Main Campaign: Stealing Christmas

  • Use the featured team to battle for Krampus Dog pieces, Featured Toon pieces, and Krampus Bags.
  • Krampus Bags can be used in special event exchanges.

Legendary Campaign: Naughty or Nice

  • Bring Krampus Dog and featured toons and requires Santa Hat Energy.
  • Awards Chungus Claus pieces, Cookies, and more!
  • Cookies can be used to spin the legendary Cookie Wheel for GUARANTEED Chungus Claus pieces.

Event Exchanges

14 Krampus Dog Pieces300 Krampus Bags1000
100 Reindeer Road Runner Pieces300 Krampus Bags1000
100 Holiday Bugs Bunny Pieces300 Krampus Bags1000
35 General Pandemonium Pieces300 Krampus Bags1000
18 Mummy Ralph Pieces300 Krampus Bags1000
235 Scrooge Yosemite Sam Pieces300 Krampus Bags1000
235 Elf Daffy Duck300 Krampus Bags1000
35 Ultimate XP Potions300 Krampus Bag1000
30 Krampus Dog Pieces10 Crests of Mayhem50
10 Chungus Claus Pieces30 Crests of Mayhem25
50 Krampus Dog Pieces100 Battle Badges10


  • Event Quests: Will reward you for engaging with the event, by completing campaign chapters, collecting featured toon pieces, and collecting Superior Regional Materials. Completing the “Krampus Is Coming” chapters will award a 4CS upgrade for that toon!
  • Naughty List Quests: Will reward you for empowering your Krampus Dog. Complete them all to earn 3CS for Krampus Dog!
  • Nice List Quests: Will reward you for empowering your Chungus Claus. Complete them all to earn 3CS for Chungus Claus!


  • Krampus Wheel: Uses Golden Tickets for pieces of Featured Event Toons, including a chance at Krampus Dog!
  • Cookie Wheel: Use your Cookies to spin for GUARANTEED Chungus Claus pieces.


A Tournament will be live for each Toon. Milestone rewards will be identical yet offer pieces for the appropriate toon, and the Ranked rewards will offer a chance to claim a 7CS Upgrade for your toon!

The Krampus Tourney will track your progress through completing Naughty List quests, completing Event Quests, collecting Krampus pieces, collecting Krampus bags, and spending energy.

The Claus tourney will track your progress through completing Nice List quests, collecting Chungus Claus pieces, and collecting Cookies.

Milestone rewards

MilestonesPointsChungus Claus or Krampus DogGolden TicketUnique MaterialSuperior Movie CameraFine Movie CameraMovie CameraUltimate XP PotionUltra XP PotionGold