Introducing Battle Pass 12: Tag Team edition, featuring El Espectro and El Relampago, the tag team extraordinaire!!

Event Details:

  • Duration: 11/11/21 – 12/09/21
  • Unlock Level: 20
  • Battle Pass options:
    • Purchase the Battle Pass to unlock Premium Milestone rewards
    • Purchase the Ultra Battle Pass Pack to unlock premium track rewards + 20 Milestones!
    • Purchase Milestones in the Battle Pass shop to accelerate your progression!


The Battle Pass will feature 60 collectible Milestones (with both a free reward path and a purchased Battle Pass reward path). Here the players can gather Tune-Up materials, Battle Badges, and Character Pieces by reaching Battle Pass Point Milestones! For those that purchase the Battle Pass, they can collect additional rewards per Premium Milestone such as gold, gems, Golden and Black Tickets, Cosmic Stones, El Espectro, and El Relampago character pieces! 

Reach Tier 60 on both tracks (Free and Premium) and you will have both El Espectro and El Relampago unlocked! 

Daily and Weekly Quests:

Daily and weekly Battle Pass quests give players the opportunities to collect battle points. These quests will include collecting character pieces, gold, illudium, materials, claiming star crates, using campaign energy, spinning premium wheels, and opening brawl crates. 

Completing both daily quests each day will earn you one tier in the Battle Pass!

Bonus Hidden Quests:

By completing all Battle Pass Premium milestones, players can unlock bonus hidden quests! These hidden quests allow players to continue racking up and collecting Battle Pass Points in order to gain even more El Espectro character pieces to Rank Up their toon. 

Premium Wheel:

Can only be used if Battle Pass is purchased; uses 3 Battle Tickets as spin currency. The Battle Wheel features ONLY El Espectro, guaranteeing you pieces of one of the key members of the Wrestlers team!


Earn Battle Badges in both tracks of the Battle Pass to exchange in the shop for Battle Tickets, Toon pieces for El Espectro and El Relampago, Tune-Up Materials, and Cosmic Star unlocks for El Espectro!

3 Battle Pass Tickets80 Battle Badges10
50 El Espectro 150 Battle Badges10
50 El Relampago100 Battle Badges10
50 Dried Skull, 25 Fine Dried Skull, 10 Superior Dried Skull75 Battle Badges10
15 Nose Ring60 Battle Badges10
Unlock Cosmic Star 3 for El Espectro + 50,000 Gold200 Battle Badges1
Unlock Cosmic Star 4 for El Espectro + 50,000 Gold350 Battle Badges1
Unlock Cosmic Star 5 for El Espectro + 50,000 Gold600 Battle Badges1