As the Crusher steps into the ring, the Boxers will finally have their opportunity to shine (or give a few shiners) in the ring!

While they might be lacking a direct support toon, the Crusher brings enough lifesteal to the team to make sure they stay standing long enough to pummel their opposition and make them kiss the mat before the final bell rings.

Built around the ability to Counter and stack Attack Up like there’s no tomorrow, this team will prove especially effective when defending crates, thanks to the Crusher’s added bonuses when defending in Brawl. 

Are you rrrready to Rumble?

The Crusher

Our newest boxer offers a ton of utility to his pugilistically inclined teammates. His basic attack stacks Counter Chance Up on his team, and also provides up to 75% Lifesteal to other Boxers once they’ve stacked a few buffs. 

The Crusher also makes the Boxers a formidable defensive team in Brawl, providing +10% Stats, an automatic, undodgeable, and uncounterable attack each time another team member falls. Did we also mention he also gains Sturdy until all other boxers are defeated?

Pro tip: using your “You Asked For This” skill will also trigger Prizefighter Daffy’s taunt.