Surge quests are arriving this weekend! A new series of quests will be rewarding you for spending resources as you go around your business in LT:WOM.

Each day, you will receive 12 new daily quests:

  • 3 Quests to Spend Gold for Gold rewards
  • 3 Quests to Spend Campaign Energy for Campaign Energy rewards
  • 3 Quests to Spend Gems for Gold rewards
  • 3 Quests to Spend Golden Tickets for Campaign Energy rewards

Completing all the daily quests for one day will also grant a bonus reward of 5 Tune-Up Wheel Tickets, 4,000 Cosmic Stones, 500 Secret Stuff, and Hunter toon pieces:

  • 35 pieces for Contraptionist Egghead
  • 35 pieces for General Pandemonium
  • 35 pieces for Van Wile
  • 35 pieces for Marvin Fudd

You’ll be able to claim these rewards up to 3 times for completing all daily quests throughout the event.

So keep an eye out this weekend and expect to see these daily quests available this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from October 22nd to October 24th.