Sylvester Jr. is determined to surpass his father and become a mighty duke who can catch even the most elusive birds! Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr. brings improved counterattacks and a turn meter advantage to the new Aristocrats team, classy enough to defend any castle, crate, or ship you may possess!

Off we go!

Good Team Combinations with this Toon:

Grand Duke Sylvester

Countess Penelope (coming next week!)

Fair Lady Melissa (coming 8/27!)

Event Duration: 4 Days

Featured toons:

Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr.

Grand Duke Sylvester

Alchemist Frankenbeans

Marvin the Marvelous

Hillbilly Hare

General Highlights:

  • Min Level: 40
  • This Event Will Feature three Campaigns
  • Fencing Swords can be used towards special event exchanges
  • Use Golden Tickets on the event Wheel for a chance to win tons of Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr. pieces
  • The ‘Miniature Swordsman’ questline awards up to Cosmic Star 5 for Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr.

Campaign Highlights:

  • Unlock Team Campaign: ‘The Duke’s Legion’
  • Use this campaign to unlock and Rank-Up toons needed for obtaining Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr.!
  • Main Campaign: ‘Becoming a Duke’
  • Use the unlock team and Duke Hat Energy to unlock Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr.!
  • Play through the rest of the campaign to earn Toon Pieces and Tune-Up materials for Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr.!
  • Farm for Fencing Swords and more Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr. pieces!
  • Challenge Campaign: ‘The Duke and Dukeling’
  • Use this campaign to collect Cosmic Stones, Great Cosmic Stones, and Fencing Swords!

Solo Tournament Highlights: 

  • Compete in our Solo Tournament to win Crests of Mayhem, Golden Tickets, Tune-Up Materials, and more!
  • In the milestones, you’ll obtain Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr. pieces, Golden Tickets, Gems, Tune-Up Materials, and more!