What’s Up, Doc? Do you have spots before your eyes? Coating of the tongue? Violent fits? Delusions assuming the characteristics of rabbits? You might have Rabbititis! It’s a good thing the final member of the Professional team, Dr. Killpatient, is here with the cure!

Good team combinations with this toon:


Dr. Killpatient
Fireman Bugs
Sam Sheepdog
Foreman Leghorn

Event Duration: 4 Days

Featured toons:

Dr. Killpatient
Foreman Leghorn
Fireman Bugs
Sam Sheepdog
Elmer the Sure
Tweety the Twue
Friar Porky
Mail Runner
Sylvester the Brash
Ralph Wolf
Barber Bugs
Concierge Elmer
Salesduck Daffy

General Highlights:

– Min Player Level: 40 

– Bring the Featured Toons into these exciting campaigns: “Doctor in the House,” “Workers of Then and Now,” and “Leave it to the Pros!

– Be sure to stay on the lookout for Fake Beard tokens and use them in the Events shop for Dr. Killpatient pieces and more! In addition, use Physician’s Kit Energy on the “Doctor in the House” campaign to earn his pieces! 

– Participate in our Solo Tournament to win great prizes!

– Complete time-limited quests to earn nifty rewards!

– Exchange your Fake Beards in our Store Exchanges for Fine Dynamite, Fine Anvils, XP Pots, Golden Tickets, Secret Stuff, and toon pieces for Dr. Killpatient, Fireman Bugs

Sam Sheepdog, Elmer the Sure, Tweety the Twue, Friar Porky, Mail Runner, Sylvester the Brash, Ralph Wolf, Barber Bugs, Concierge Elmer, and Salesduck Daffy.

Campaign Highlights:

– Type of toons required: featured event toons. 

– The “Daily Construction“ Campaign contains 1 Chapter to be completed DAILY. Earn rewards and complete special quests!

– The “Doctor in the House” Campaign contains 5 Chapters. Unlock, Rank Up, and Tune-up Dr. Killpatient in this Campaign!

– The  “Workers of Then and Now” Campaign contains 2 Chapters to collect pieces for the Featured Toons required to unlock Dr. Killpatient!

– The “Leave it to the Pros!” Campaign contains 2 Chapters. Use the Professional team and hone your skills to earn special rewards!

Physician’s Kit Energy Information:

Physician’s Kit Energy is used on the “Unlock!” and “Rank Up!” Chapters of the “Doctor in the House” Campaign. Please find the following details below:

-You start with 16 Physician’s Kits. (8 Bonus!) 

-A Physician’s Kit will regenerate for you once every 2 hours.

-You can regenerate up to 8 Physician’s Kits before you are at “Max.”

-You can purchase more Physician’s Kits for 200 Gems if you run out.

-If you collect or purchase additional Physician’s Kits, you can go over the amount of “8.”

Time-limited Quests Highlights:

– Complete limited-time quests to earn Dr. Killpatient pieces, Gems, Energy, Golden Tickets, and more. 

– Time-limited quests will be available throughout the entirety of the event.

Solo Tournament Highlights: 

– Compete in our Solo Tournament to win Crests Of Mayhem, Golden Tickets, Hydrants of all rarities, Gold, and more. 

– In the milestones, you’ll obtain Dr. Killpatient pieces, Golden Tickets, Gems, Carrots, Hydrants of all rarities, XP Potions, and Gold.  

Team Spotlight: Professionals

The Professional Team is Complete! This Team utilizes two primary mechanics: Sturdy and Repeat. “Sturdy” will make sure you don’t lose any Professional toons during battle! When a Professional has the Sturdy buff it cannot have it’s health reduced below 1hp! Instead, it loses Sturdy and remains in battle! “Repeat” allows Professionals to gain additional free abilities that repeat/trigger automatically when certain conditions are met!

Event Duration: 3 Days

This Team Features:

Foreman Leghorn
Fireman Bugs
Dr. Killpatient
Sam Sheepdog

Spotlight Details:

-Trade Golden Tickets for Black Tickets through event exchanges!

-Use Black Tickets on the “Spotlight” Wheel to earn “Team Spotlight: Professional” pieces.

-Redeem PREMIUM Quest Rewards for spinning the Spotlight Wheel!

-Practice using your team through battles in a mini-campaign and grab some Tune-Up Tickets and XP Potions in the process!