Apprentice Hugo is finally here to test out his skills.  Join this new apprentice as he seeks to become a full-blown wizard.

This apprentice wizard tries his best — he really does — but just can’t get it right. Luckily the tower is lousy with sorcerers, all of whom are happy to ignore his bumbling, enemy-distracting efforts while they build up their game-winning spells.

Good team combinations with this toon:


Egghead the Knowing
Apprentice Hugo
The Sea-Devil
Valkyrie Bugs 

Event Duration: 4 Days

Featured toons:

Apprentice Hugo
Egghead the Knowing
Lunar Toro
Valkyrie Bugs
Siegfried Elmer
Merlin Sam
The Sea-Devil
Lunar Petunia
Master Speedy
Jester Bugs
Sylvester the Brash
Pepe le Bard

General Highlights:

– Min Player Level: 40 

– Bring your featured toons into these exciting campaigns: “It’s a New Mage”, “Magic Circle”, and “Magic School!”.

–Be sure to stay on the lookout for Apprentice Hats tokens and use them in the Events shop for Apprentice Hugo pieces and more! In addition, use Wand Energy on the “It’s a New Mage” Campaign to earn his pieces!

– Participate in our Solo Tournament to win great prizes!

– Complete time-limited quests to earn nifty rewards!

– Exchange your Apprentice Robes in our Store Exchanges for Secret Stuff, Golden Tickets, Wand Energy, and toon pieces for the following toons: Apprentice Hugo, Valkyrie Bugs, Siegfried Elmer, Merlin Sam, The Sea-Devil, Lunar Petunia, Jester Bugs, Sylvester the Brash, and Pepe le Bard.

Campaigns Highlights:

– Type of toons required: featured event toons. 

– The “It’s a New Mage” Campaign contains 5 Chapters. Here you can unlock, rank-up, and tune-up Apprentice Hugo.

– The “Magic Circle” Campaign contains 2 Chapters. Here you can obtain pieces of the team required to unlock Apprentice Hugo, plus Apprentice Hats.

– The “Magic School!” Campaign has 2 Chapters. Compete here using Apprentice Hugo and unlock Egghead the Knowing!

Wand Energy Information:

Wand Energy is used on the “Unlock!” and “Rank Up!” Chapters of “It’s a New Mage” Campaign. Please find the following details below:

  • You start with 16 Wands (8 Bonus!). 
  • A Wand will regenerate for you once every 2 hours.
  • You can regenerate up to 8 Wands before you are at “Max.”
  • You can purchase more Wands for 200 Gems if you run out.
  • If you collect or purchase additional Wands, you can go over the amount of “8.”

Time-limited Quests Highlights:

– Complete limited-time quests to earn toon pieces for Apprentice Hugo, Merlin Sam, The Sea-Devil, Jester Bugs, and Sylvester the Brash. Also, Golden Tickets, Energy, Gold, Gems, Gold Medals, Secret Stuff, Acme Formulas and more!

– Time-limited quests will be available throughout the entirety of the event.

Solo Tournament Highlights: 

– Compete in our Solo Tournament to win Crests of Mayhem, Golden Tickets, Flower Crowns of all rarities, Illudium, Gold, Fine Anvils,  and Fine Dynamite.

– In the milestones, you’ll obtain Apprentice Hugo pieces, Golden Tickets, Gems, Hugo’s unique material George, flower crowns of all rarities, XP pots, and Gold.