What’s up, doc?

Our next Meet the Team post is here! In these post series, we bring you members of the development team and we ask them about their roles and favorite things about the game. This time we interview Donut – we’re sure you have seen him on Discord, as he typically lurks over there. 😉

Off we go!

Meet our Live Ops Associate, Donut

So what do you do inside the team?

I help design events and oversee their creation. Also, as of a few weeks ago, I have taken the lead on Endurance Towers – my first one is the Tower of Love, which will be arriving along with the Gentleman Pepe event!

I am also one of the main people involved in training and supporting new Live Operations team members.

What’s that you love about the game and the franchise?

I hope this doesn’t make me a traitor to my own team (lol), but I LOVE the art and animations in the game. Every single toon and their skill animations look amazing. Props to the art team!! I am also a huge fan of gacha games in general, so I feel very lucky to work in a genre I really connect with. In terms of the franchise, I grew up watching Looney Tunes (and Tiny Toons!) so it will always have a special place in my heart.

I was really excited when HBO Max released new Looney Tunes episodes. I’m glad it is living on for another generation.

What are you currently working on?

I touched on this already, but I am currently working on finalizing the Tower of Love for the Gentleman Pepe event (plus the additional towers to go along with it), and also starting on designs for future events that have not yet been announced – stay tuned!

If you were a toon, Who would you be and why?

Probably Waiter Elmer 🙁 I am the absolute last person you would ever want physically fighting for you, so I would definitely be one of the worst toons in the game.

What are your favorite toons in the game: 

Outback Dawg because there is something so satisfying when an enemy toon hits my team with an AOE attack and then all four of my toons counterattack without me even needing to press a button. Pepe Le Bard because I just love that reliable, passive heal (plus he is rare so it was much easier for me to max him out). Honorable mentions are Lola Frostbane and Nova Bunny – I love healers that also have great attacks and other utilities.

What are your favorite Team Compositions?

My favorite team (and this by no means a “meta” team) is Outback Dawg, Speedy Gonzales, Foghorn Leghorn, and Pepe Le Bard. Foghorn soaks up a lot of the damage with his turn one taunt, Pepe Le Bard passively heals the team every turn, Outback Dawg provides tons of counter, and Speedy Gonzales can use his AOE basic attack every turn. This is a team I invested in heavily for a long time now, so regardless of the meta, they will always have a special place. 

I am also very intrigued by some of the Villains and Heroes (Super-Rabbit, Evil Granny, Nova Bunny, Iron Mutt) but have not yet powered them up enough to be useful. Verdict on my favorite team combinations with them to come!

There’s also a new team on the horizon that looks very interesting… 😉

Tell us about some Funny/”oh-noes” development moments that you remember:

When I was very new to the team, I once accidentally erased a test environment that QA was using to test my event and they were forced to start over. Not at ALL funny at the moment, but I laugh about it now!

Any other curious thing you want to tell the community – this is your moment to shine!

I am not actually a donut! I know this is shocking, so please take all the time you need to process this information.


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