Join the regional Space Toons for some out of this world exploration.

Off we go!

Event Duration: 3 Days

Featured Toons:

All Space toons

General Highlights:

– Min Player Level: 30 

– Bring the featured toons into the exciting “Spacing Out!” Campaign.

– Participate in our Solo Tournament to win great prizes!

– Complete time-limited quests to earn nifty rewards!

Campaign Highlights:

– Type of toons required: featured event toons. 

– Bring your Space toons to the “Spacing Out!” Campaign to obtain UFOs. UFOs can be exchanged in the Featured Store for Space toon pieces, Space Tune-Up materials, and more!

– NOTE: There will be three event Wheels drop guaranteed Space toon pieces to help Rank Up all your Space toons!

Time-limited Quests Highlights:

– Complete limited-time quests to earn Golden Tickets, UFOs, Hunting Rifles, Gems, Energy, Atoms for Space toons, and more! 

– Time-limited quests will be available throughout the entirety of the event.

Solo Tournament Highlights: 

– Compete in our Solo Tournament to earn Crests of Mayhem, Golden Tickets, Evaporators of all rarities, Gold and more!

– In the milestones, you’ll obtain Golden Tickets, Gems, Evaporators of all rarities, XP Pots, and Gold.