What do you call a rabbit with fleas? Bugs Bunny! Let’s join him in welcoming the first flea to the World of Mayhem, The Mighty Angelo!

The biggest, baddest dude in the ring is a few millimeters tall. Enter The Mighty Angelo — half mustache, all muscle — who’s ready to take down enemies a million times his size.

He has just arrived on a vacation from the circus and is looking to recharge. Help him regain his strength! Coming on Friday 20th to the game.

Good toons with The Mighty Angelo:

Swing away!

Hippety Hopper
Prizefighter Daffy
The Mighty Angelo
Cheerleader Wile E.

Event Duration: 4 Days

Featured Toons:

The Mighty Angelo
Hippety Hopper
Prizefighter Daffy
Gridiron Gossamer
Cheerleader Wile E
Baseball Bugs
Porky Pig
Referee Foghorn
Henery Hike
Contender Sylvester
Picador Sylvester Jr.

General Highlights: 

– Min Player Level: 30 

– Bring Featured Toons into these exciting campaigns: “The Circus” and “The Vacation”. 

– Participate in our Solo Tournament to win great prizes! 

– Complete time-limited quests to earn nifty rewards!

– You can exchange your Barbells in our exchanges for Gridiron Gossamer, Referee Foghorn, Contender Sylvester, and Picador Sylvester Jr toon pieces, Secret Stuff, Golden Tickets, and Circus Stand Energy.

Campaign Highlights: 

– Type of toons required: featured event toons. 

– “The Vacation” Campaign gives you the opportunity to unlock, rank up, and tune-up The Mighty Angelo! Be sure to stay on the lookout for Barbells and use them on the Barbell Wheel for a chance at The Mighty Angelo pieces and more!

– In addition, use Circus Stand (special Energy) on the “Unlock!” and “Rank Up!” Chapters to earn guaranteed The Mighty Angelo pieces!

– Are your featured toons not strong enough to tackle “The Vacation” campaign? Play through “The Circus” campaign first to help unlock and rank them up!

Circus Stand (Energy) Information:

  • Circus Stand Energy is used on the “Unlock!” and “Rank Up!” Chapters of “The Vacation” Campaign. 
  • You start with 8 Circus Stands.
  • A Circus Stand will regenerate for you once every 2 hours.
  • You can regenerate to up to 8 Circus Stands before you are at “Max.”
  • You can purchase more Circus Stands for 200 Gems if you run out.
  • If you collect or purchase additional Circus Stands, you can go over the amount of “8.”

Time-limited Quests Highlights: 

– Complete limited-time quests to earn featured toon pieces, Golden Tickets, Gems, Barbells, Gold League Medals, Weights, Cosmic Stones, Energy, Secret Stuff, and more! 

– Time-limited quests will be available through the entirety of the event. 

Solo Tournament Highlights: 

– Compete in our Solo Tournament to earn Crests of Mayhem, Golden Tickets, Buckets of Milk (all rarities), Illudium, and Gold!

– As milestones, you’ll obtain The Mighty Angelo pieces, Golden Tickets, Gems, Weights, Buckets of Milk (all rarities), XP Potions, and Gold!