Conqueror Taz has spun his way into the World of Mayhem. Join him as he creates a new and powerful empire!

Off we go!

Event Duration: 4 Days 

Good Combinations with Conqueror Taz:

The pillaging begins.

King Daffy
King Bugs
Conqueror Taz
Royal Page Coyote

Good against enemies with Speed Down debuffs or Turn Meter reduction.

Conqueror Taz
Professor Prissy
Sylvester the Brash
Gridiron Gossamer

Featured Event Toons:

Conqueror Taz
King Daffy
Grand Duke Sylvester
King Bugs Bunny
Captain Bligh
Jester Bugs
Valkyrie Bugs
Chamberlain Porky
Royal Page Coyote
Handmaiden Granny

General Highlights:

– Min Player Level: 30 

– Bring your Featured Event Toons into the exciting “The Rise of Conqueror Taz” and “Entering the Colosseum” Campaigns.

– Participate in our Solo Tournament to win great prizes!

– Complete time-limited quests to earn nifty rewards. 


– 60-80 Handmaiden Granny Pieces – COST: 100 gladius – max purchase 1000
– 60-80 Royal Page Coyote Pieces – COST: 100 gladius – max purchase 1000
– 32-40 Chamberlain Porky Pieces – COST: 100 gladius – max purchase 1000
– 3 Golden Tickets – COST: 550 Gladius – max purchase 5

Campaign Highlights: 

– Type of toons required: Featured Event Toons. 

– The primary three campaigns are divided into 5 Acts with 5 battles each. 

– Main Campaign is The Making of History. We’ll start with the “Starting The Conquest” Campaign (Beginner), followed by “Building a New Empire” (Intermediate) and “Absolute World Domination” (Advanced). Prove your worth to Conqueror Taz by completing the “Inferno Campaign”.

– Be sure to stay on the lookout for gladius and use them on the Conqueror Wheel for a chance at Conqueror Taz pieces and more! In addition, use Victory Helms (Energy) on the “Enter the Colosseum” campaign to duel Conqueror Taz and earn his pieces!

Bonus Campaign: “Enter the Colosseum”, A Face-Off Against the undefeated Conqueror Taz, Earn his Pieces! The Campaign contains one chapter divided into 4 acts with 5 battles each!

Victory Helms Energy Information: 

–Victory Helms are used on the “Enter the Colosseum” Campaign

–You start with 2 Victory Helms

–A Victory Helm will regenerate once every 4 hours

–You can regenerate to up to 2 Victory Helms before you are at “Max” (2/2)

–You can purchase more Victory Helms for 400 Gems if you run out.

–If you collect or purchase additional Victory Helms, you can go over the amount of “2”.

Time-limited Quests Highlights: 

– Complete time-limited quests to earn Campaign Energy, Golden Tickets, Tasty Meat, Secret Stuff, Epic Acme Formula, Gems, Gold League Medals, Gladius (Event Token), Grand Duke Sylvester Pieces, Valkyrie Bugs Pieces, Chamberlain Porky Pieces, Handmaiden Granny Pieces.

– Time-limited quests will be available through the entirety of the event.

Solo Tournament Highlights

You will get rewards based on your placement in the Tournament. Tournament rewards are given in varying amounts based on ranking.

Rewards include Crests of Mayhem, Golden Tickets, Dried Skull Materials (Common, Rare and Epic), Illudium and Gold

In the Milestones you’ll get Conqueror Taz Pieces, Illudium, Gems, Tasty Meat, Dried Skull Material (Common, Rare and Epic), XP Pots and Gold.

Dev Notes:

The “Enter the Colosseum” Bonus Campaign is a new type of campaign that will give you a chance to collect the main featured toon, Conqueror Taz, outside both the Ticket Wheel and the Token Wheel. Even after completing the event, you will continue to be rewarded with more Conqueror Taz pieces giving you the opportunity to rank him up as much as possible. 

Please note that with big rewards comes an even bigger and new challenge.

Enter the Coliseum campaign information:

-You will face Conqueror Taz every stage with an increasing amount of strength every step of the way

-As you complete Acts, you will lose one character slot on your team until you are forced to face Conqueror Taz 1 on 1 in the last act.