What do you call it when you mix Tuning-Up with Looney Tunes?! Tuney Loons! Here is your chance to really put your skills to the test with this end-game content!

Here we go!

Event Duration: 7 Days, recurs weekly with different regions

General Highlights:

-Min Player Level: 50

-Different regional Campaigns will rotate each week and your progress will be saved each week! Test your skills in these very difficult battles and acquire secret stuff along the way!

Campaign Highlights:

-The primary Campaigns are divided into two acts with 8 battles each!

-Bring your Toons into different regional Campaigns! (You can only use toons from the designated region that you are battling in.)

-Collect Regional Materials, Tune-Up Tickets, and Secret Stuff from challenging battles!

NOTES: These battles use special energy (Melodies Energy) that will regenerate every 8 hours!

About Melodies Energy: 

-You will start with 8 Melodies Energy. One Energy will regenerate every 8 hours

-You can regenerate to up to 8 Melodies Energy before you are at “Max” (8/8)

-You can purchase more Melodies Energy for 250 Gems if you run out.

-If you collect or purchase additional Melodies Energy, you can go over the amount of “8”


Week 1: Forest, Farm, and Avalooney!
(Kicks off on 9/7: Last 7 days and recurs every 3 weeks)

Week 2: Town, Summit, and Desert!
(Kicks off on 9/14: Last 7 days and recurs every 3 weeks)

Week 3: Space, City, Tasmania, and WB Studios!
(Kicks off on 9/21: Last 7 days and recurs every 3 weeks)