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Meet LV Gameplay!

Ok, so what’s your YouTube channel all about?

Hello, my name is Leonardo, I live in Brazil, and I have a Portuguese-speaking YouTube channel called LV Gameplay. It is a gameplay channel where I always try to bring different content, as I like several RPG games. My objective is to share knowledge in a pleasant and fun way, where we can all enjoy the best that games have to offer, interacting in the comments and having fun together.

Why did you become a youtuber?

I became a YouTuber when I realized that I liked to record videos. Also, I have liked videogames since I was a child. I love the way they are developed and how all that previously thought reality is placed inside such a small thing – and becomes fun.

After a while, I started to develop the idea of ​​starting to record videos of the games I liked to play. So that I could also communicate with people who also like these titles and discuss ideas, strategies, thoughts. It’s also about connecting with other fellow gamers. One of the things that motivated me the most was the fact that I always wanted to help players who are experiencing problems or challenges with a game.

What’s that you like about World of Mayhem?

I like the graphics, the dynamics that the game brings, and the possibility that everyone has to grow within the game.

In my videos, you’ll always hear me praising the look and feel of World of Mayhem, all those in-game details that the developers are putting out there. It is always attractive to visit the cities and see the toons walking around. It seems that they are talking and working out crazy plans [laughs]. I also love the fact that we can connect and get closer to our favorite Looney Tunes cartoons.

Any top looney teams you wanna share with us?

I really like the Outback Dawg, Grand Duke Sylvester, Sam Sheepdog, and Star-Pharaoh Marvin. For a great team, I just put these four together – that means there will be some confusion for sure!

Anything you wanna add before you keep on creating?

If you’ve made it to the end, thank you very much for your attention! And if you want to know more about my channel, you can drop by anytime, and we can discuss ideas and make the game our home – this is the best gaming community I’ve been part of. See you soon!

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