What’s up, doc?

We want to give you the heads-up of all new events coming in the next two weeks to World of Mayhem. This is just a high-level overview of our event scheduler with general information on the nature of the event, as well as main featured toons. As we get closer to each event, all their details will keep on appearing in the blog so don’t forget to check out regularly for more details!

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to modify any of the dates or featured toons that you see here. We will always indicate what information has been changed with an [UPDATED] tag attached to it.

And without any further ado, let’s see what we have in store for all of you!

June 29thJune 30thJuly 1stJuly 2ndJuly 3rdJuly 4thJuly 5th
Twue Heroes
Twue Heroes

Shrine of the Sacred Sheep!
Shrine of the Sacred Sheep!Shrine of the Sacred Sheep!Shrine of the Sacred Sheep!

You’re a Hoot, Zoot Suit!
You’re a Hoot, Zoot Suit!You’re a Hoot, Zoot Suit!
July 6thJuly 7thJuly 8thJuly 9thJuly 10thJuly 11thJuly 12th
You’re a Hoot, Zoot Suit!You’re a Hoot, Zoot Suit!

Tuney Loons
Tuney Loons
Tuney Loons
Tuney Loons

The Don
The DonThe Don
July 13thJuly 14thJuly 15thJuly 16thJuly 17thJuly 18thJuly 19th
The DonThe Don

Fan Vote: Sam Sheepdog
Fan Vote: Sam SheepdogFan Vote: Sam SheepdogFan Vote: Sam Sheepdog

New Event TBA
New Event TBANew Event TBA

Twue Heroes (June 26th to June 30th)

Tweety the Twue

Another knight is descending to World of Mayhem to fight for justice… and annoy putty tats.

  • Type of event: new event + new toon
  • Main toon: Epic Tweety the Twue
  • Other featured toons: Elmer the Sure, Foghorn the Invincible, King Bugs, Bugs the Brave, Sylvester the Brash, Chamberlain Porky, Devil Dog, and Pepe Le Bard.

The Return: Shrine of the Sacred Sheep! (June 30th to July 3rd)

Samurai Sheepdog and Ninja Ralph are bringing their combat expertise to the World of Mayhem!

  • Type of event: event rerun (plus some novelties!)
  • Main toons: Legendary Samurai Sheepdog and Legendary Ninja Ralph
  • Other featured toons: Cupid Elmer, Referee Foghorn, Siegfried Elmer, Starseeker Lola, Elmer Fudd, Marvin Fudd, and Fishercat Sylvester Jr.

You’re a Hoot, Zoot Suit! (July 3rd to July 7th)

Zoot Suit Daffy

Zoot Suit Daffy is dancin’ and singin’ his way into the World of Mayhem! Get ready to celebrate with this dashing duck!

  • Type of event: new event + new toon
  • Main toon: Epic Zoot Suit Daffy
  • Other featured toons: Penelope Couture, Flamenco Prissy, Jester Bugs, Matador Bugs, Reindeer Road Runner, Show Biz Daffy, Yodel Le Pew, Leopold, Pepe Le Bard, and Photographer Sylvester.

Tooney Loons (July 7th to July 10th)

[UPDATED] We have decided to pause our typical events for three days and instead release a special event celebrating the update! This event will be solely focused on gathering the necessary resources for these new upgrades.

  • Type of event: new event

The Don (July 10th to July 14th)

He’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse…

  • Type of event: new event + new toon
  • Main toon: epic Don Henery
  • Other featured toons: Nasty Canasta, Desperado Dawg, Speedy Gonzales, Queso Bandito, Yosemite Sam, Outlaw Foghorn, Mr. Bugs, Sylvester Slaszlo, Outlaw Sylvester, and Leopold.

Fan Vote Event: Sam Sheepdog & Friends (July 14th to July 17th)

Sam the Sheepdog

Another fan vote event is coming to World of Mayhem! This time, we are featuring Sam Sheepdog and his friendly group of chaps.

  • Type of event: new event + already existing toons
  • Main toon: epic Sam Sheepdog
  • Other featured toons: Sam Sheepdog, Grand Duke Sylvester, Outback Dawg, Officer Prissy, Barkeep Sheepdog, Ralph Wolf, Wildcard Wolf, Scarecrow Sylvester, and Miss Prissy.