All aboard the Ghost Train! Your conductor: Revenant Road Runner! Your destination: The Astral Plane, Spectral Domain, Invisible Terrain… You get the idea. We’re heading anywhere Wile E Coyote is NOT!

Through the shrill wind of the desert night, a deep rumble can be heard in the distance, splitting the dunes apart. A blinding blue light explodes in the horizon, from the corner of your eye, then fades away just as quickly. You’re being haunted by the Revenant Road Runner, who has come back from an unexplainable place in his wandering ghost train to grant his strength to all monsters and to deliver crits upon the world. Without a proper monster hunter by your side, your fate is sealed.

Good Team Compositions with Revenant Road Runner:

Send your enemies to unknown realms with major crit damage.

Siegfried Elmer
Revenant Road Runner
Black Knight Sam
Valkyrie Bugs

Keep your prey constantly debuffed and pick them off one by one.

Wildcard Wolf
Revenant Road Runner
Reindeer Road Runner

Featured Toons:

Revenant Road Runner
Ralph the Vampire
Yeti Gossamer
Monster Foghorn
Devil Dog
Dr. Dawgstein
Monster Tweety

General highlights:

– Min Player Level: 30

– Bring your Featured Event Toons into four different unique campaigns! 

– Collect Train Whistles to spin wheels and be on the lookout for Train Hats, a special energy which will regenerate every 4 hours and is used on a bonus campaign, “Chugging Along”!

– Complete time-limited quests to earn nifty rewards.

– There’ll also be a Rare exchange. You will find two wheels as well: one of them for Revenant Road Runner pieces and another one with the featured toon selection.

Train Hat (Energy) Information:

Train Hats are used on the “Chugging Along” Campaign. Please find the following details below:

  • You start with 2 Train Hats.
  • A Train Hat will regenerate for you once every 4 hours.
  • You can regenerate to up to 2 Train Hats before you are at “Max”.
  • You can purchase more Train Hats for 150 Gems if you run out.
  • If you collect or purchase a train hat, the 4-hour timer will reset! Please be aware of this.
  • If you collect or purchase additional train hats, you can go over the amount of 2.

Campaign Highlights: 

– Type of toons required: featured event toons. 

– There will be 4 Campaigns in total. The “Specter Series 1” and “Specter Series 2” will have 4 acts with 5 battles each. The “Chugging Along” Campaign will have 4 acts of 6 battles each. And the bonus “Monster Trial” Campaign has 2 acts of 8 battles each. 

Time-limited Quests Highlights:

– Complete time-limited quests to earn Golden Tickets, Gems, Rare Character Pieces, Train Whistles, Gold, and Energy.

– Time-limited quests will be available through the entirety of the event. 

Solo Tournament Highlights: 

– Compete in our solo tournaments to win Crests of Mayhem! As milestones, you’ll obtain Golden Tickets and Gems! Along with some Regional Materials, XP Potions, and Gold. 

Dev Notes:

  • Our “Chugging Along” Campaign Requires ANY Featured toon and will reward a small number of gems, character pieces (O’Pat or Yeti Gossamer), and gold for first-time completion. Repeat Rewards contain a small number of character pieces (O’Pat or Yeti Gossamer) and gold.
  • The “Monster Trial” Campaign is a bonus campaign that requires star rank 4+ (requires Revenant Road Runner, Yeti Gossamer, O’Pat, and Dr. Dawgstein). Having 4*, 5*, 6* and/or 7* of those toons will yield Hugo character pieces for beating those stages. You can earn up to 300 Hugo Pieces for beating Act 1 (4* and 5* Requirements), and an additional 1,000 Hugo pieces from beating Act 2 (6* and 7* Requirements). Warning: Not for the faint of heart!
  • There are two different event token wheels, one containing ONLY Revenant RR pieces, the other containing ONLY Epic/Rare Featured Toons of this event (without Revenant RR pieces). Both of these wheels cost 100 tokens per spin and have the bonus spin of 11 spins for 1,000 tokens (train whistles are the tokens of this event).
  • Don’t forget to check back every so often to use those Free Train Hats in the “Chugging Along” campaign that will regenerate. These only stack up to 2 times before they are capped!