Show Biz Daffy is looking to make a blockbuster hit by casting Penelope Couture in his upcoming show. Shower her in her favorite gifts and she might be tempted to join the cast

Off we go!

Good Team Compositions:

Good team combinations with Penelope Couture and Show Biz Daffy:


Welcome to the artists team, Daffy!

Penelope Couture
Show Biz Daffy
Phantom Le Pew
Pepe Le Bard

Two new artists are coming soon, so keep an eye on Phantom and Le Bard’s spots!


Who needs a healer when your enemies are too Stunned to deal damage?

Penelope Couture
Show Biz Daffy
Siegfried Elmer
Photographer Sylvester

Event Duration: 3 Days

Featured Event Toons: 

Penelope Couture
Show Biz Daffy
Phantom Le Pew
Kitty Ketty
Porky Pig
Yodel Le Pew
Pepe Le Bard
Show Biz Bugs
Photographer Sylvester

General Highlights: 

– Min Player Level: 30 

– Bring your Featured Event Toons into the “The Couture Allure” campaign to collect Fancy Hats and Purses! Use your Fancy Hats and Purses to spin the Fashion Wheel for various Featured Event Toon pieces! 

– More importantly, collecting Fancy Hats and Purses will impress Couture, and you will be rewarded with valuable Contracts through DAILY TOURNAMENTS (in Leaderboard and milestone prizes)! Use your Contracts in the Featured Store for Penelope Couture pieces, Show Biz Daffy pieces, pieces for other featured toons, Golden Tickets, and Gold!

– Participate in our Solo Tournament to win great prizes!

– Complete time-limited quests to earn nifty rewards! 

Campaign Highlights: 

– Type of toons required: featured event toons. 

– The “Couture Allure” Campaign will be divided into 4 Acts with 5 battles each.

– The Campaign will reset on a daily basis.

Time-limited Quests Highlights:

– Complete limited time quests to earn Featured Toon Pieces, Energy, Golden Tickets, and Regional Materials! 

– Time-limited quests will be available through the entirety of the event. 

Solo Tournament Highlights: 

– Compete in our solo tournament to win Crests of Mayhem, Golden Tickets and more! As milestones, you’ll obtain Penelope Couture Pieces, Show Biz Daffy Pieces, Traffic Lights, XP Pots, and Golden Tickets.

– Please note that there are TWO tournaments happening in this event: the main one and also new daily ones. As explained above, these Daily Tournaments are the source of Contracts, which you can use in the Store to obtain awesome rewards.