We’re looking for the ultimate teams of Mayhem, doc!

Do you want to be featured in our upcoming “Community Top Teams” series inside our blog? Do you want to share with the community good team compositions and help others unlocking the true potential of World of Mayhem’s toon roster? Then keep on reading!

We’d like to start a collection of blog posts written by and for the community, putting your creations in the spotlight for everyone else to see. Participating is very easy, so don’t be shy and give it a try! 


No purchase necessary. Official Rules apply. See https://scopely.com/rules/ for more.


  • If you want to participate, simply head to this FORM OVER HERE
  • No other methods of participation will be accepted
  • Inside, follow the instructions. You’ll need to input the 4 toons for a team and explain why you think this is a good team. Also, don’t forget to tell us what your player name is!
  • You can submit as many proposals as you want.
  • When writing your proposals, be as descriptive as you can. Why is this team amazing? How do relationships and synergies play together between the toons? What is this team good for? Does it specialize in something? Are there any skills that play together nicely when in a specific order? 
  • Please submit your proposals in English – you can use Google Translate if you wish.
  • Example of a possible submission:
    Toons: Sam Sheepdog – Barnyard Dog – Scout Sylvester – Sheriff Porky.

    Why this is a top team: This Hidden-based blitz comp revolves around the duo of Barnyard Dog and Scout Sylvester, who blast down enemies from untargetable safety. Open battle with the speedy Sylvester, immediately using Pounce to weaken an enemy healer and gain Hidden. Follow up with Barnyard Dawg’s Surprise Attack, finishing that healer off and buffing Sylvester’s Attack. From there, keep your DPS dancing while Sam Sheepdog soaks up hits and returns them as Counters, aided by Sheriff Porky’s buff to Counter and Critical Chance—the latter of which keeps everybody spicy.”
  1. WINNERS DETERMINATION: Every two or three weeks, a panel of judges selected by Scopely will parse and filter through all proposals submitted. A max number of 5 entries will be featured in each “Community Top Teams” blog post and announced inside the game for everyone to see. We will illustrate the selected top teams with in-game illustrations and we will clearly state the name of the player that came up with those.
  2. NOTIFICATION OF WINNERS: We won’t be notifying personally any of the players whose submission appears in our official blog. 
  3. LICENSE TO YOUR SUBMISSION. Your submission remains yours. However, by entering, you grant Scopely a license to use your submission on social media and elsewhere. For more information, see our Terms of Service: https://scopely.com/tos/.