Happy New Year in the World of Mayhem! A new year means new and improved Rocket Sylvester and Rocket Coyote! Play this event for a chance to activate and power up these 2 toons.

DEVELOPER NOTES → We gave these toons an overall buff and cleanup, tightening their abilities to inflict and counter Damage Over Time, respectively. We removed the effects that had chances to backfire or even trigger in the first place, replacing them with reliable value, and deleted skills we found unnecessary. These are the kind of reworks you can continue to expect from us going forward.

Event Duration: 3 days

Featured Event Toons:

Rocket Sylvester
Rocket Coyote
Reindeer Roadrunner
Holiday Bugs
Scrooge Yosemite Sam
Elf Daffy

General Highlights:

– Min Player Level: 20

– Bring Holiday Toons into the Happy New Year Campaign to collect Holiday Rockets! Use Holiday Rockets to open the Holiday Rocket Exchange for a chance to earn Rocket Sylvester and Rocket Coyote pieces!

– On Day 2, a special Premium Exchange will open for players who own Rocket Sylvester.

– Participate in the New Year’s Tournament for a chance to earn 1,500 Rocket Sylvester pieces!

Campaign Highlights:

– Type of toons required: featured event toons.  

– The Campaign will be divided into 4 Chapters with 10 battles each – 40 total battles.

Solo Tournament Highlights:

– Compete in our solo tournament to win 1,500 Rocket Sylvester pieces, Golden Tickets and more!