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Meet Jonathan Graves, creator of This Means Podcast!

Ok, so what’s your podcast all about?

This Means Podcast is all about celebrating Looney Tunes past and present. It was my goal in the creation of the podcast to start a discussion because I felt these beloved characters were fading in popularity and I didn’t want that to happen.

I put our a weekly show that explores the latest news involving the Looney Tunes characters, diving deep into thematic elements of the early animated short and exploring new avenues for them to take in the future cartoons. Overall, it’s a celebration of everything Looney in the World!

Ok, so what’s your podcast all about?

I became a podcaster because I didn’t see this type of show out there and I wanted to make it. Thanks to the collaborations I’ve had along my journey, I’ve been able to bring in some amazing writers and cartoon enthusiasts that have really elevated the show from just me praising the works.

We’ve discussed the importance of music, vaudevillian comedy, and the impeccable voices within the entire franchise of the Looney Tunes thus far, and we’re only a month into it.

Meet the Creators
Jonathan at his looney studio

What’s that you like about World of Mayhem?

I play World of Mayhem because it not only has great gameplay mechanics, I’m a sucker for RPG’s, but because I love the team building and above all, I love these characters. The work that has gone into bringing these characters to life in the 3D space is remarkable.

I love the campaign ideas and the wordplay is fantastic, whoever comes up with those references deserves a raise.

Any top looney teams you wanna share with us?

My Top Teams are: Daffy Hood, Friar Porky, Gossamer, and Masked Avenger if I’m going for an all-out attack force. If I’m playing more strategic, my team consists of King Bugs Bunny, Astronaut Hector, Leopold, and Pepe Le Bard.

Anything you wanna add before you keep on creating?

The podcast is open to all, but I always have a section dedicated to the game, whether that’s discussing new features or new characters, I like to model the episodes around the new additions that players can see in their weekly updates. I hope you enjoy all the episodes!


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