Penelope Couture is back and better than ever with a re-worked skill kit (read more below). Complete Solo Missions & open Litter Box crates for a chance to unlock this new and improved Penelope Couture.

Please note that Penelope Couture is REQUIRED to go far in an upcoming event! 👀

The Cat Returns! (Coming Soon – 2 Days Event)

Featured Event Toons:

– Epic Ralph the Vampire
– Rare Monster Foghorn
– Rare Dr. Dawgstein
– Rare Gossamer
– Rare Witch Hazel
– Epic Penelope Couture

General Highlights:

– Player Level Restrictions: Level 30 and above
– Dominate the solo Tournament for your best chance at pieces for Penelope Couture, materials to tune her up and Golden Tickets.
– Complete time-limited quests to earn Penelope Couture pieces, Golden Tickets and tune-up materials.
– Open Litter Box crates in Brawl to get featured event toon pieces. There are 3 tiers for each type of event crate: Tier 1 is for the 5,500-15,000 Trophy range, while Tier 2 is for the 15,000-25,000 Trophy range. Tier 3 is for the +25,000 Trophy range.
NOTE: For Tier 1 crates you’ll need at least one featured event toon to attack and defend. For Tier 2 crates you’ll need two featured event toons to attack and one to defend. For Tier 3 crates, you’ll need four featured event toons to attack and at least two to defend.

Penelope Couture
She’s back!

Meet the New Penelope Couture!

Penelope Couture originally mitigated damage in multiple different ways (dodge chance, attack down, and turn meter reduction), but she did none of these conclusively enough to see significant play.

We committed to the dodge component of her theme as an untouchable urban elite and believe that she now fills the role of a dodge tank more effectively. Additionally, buffing her artists-matter effect creates a stronger build-around hook for an artists team — especially with an exciting new artist toon coming this Halloween…

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Role: Defender
  • Region: City Toon
  • Building: The Gallery
  • Relationships:
    Nemesis with All Pepe Le Pews→ This toon has +50% Attack when attacking any Pepe Le Pew toon
    Friendship with Photographer Sylvester → This toon has +10% Attack, Defense, and Speed while any Photographer Sylvester toon is on the battlefield as an ally.
  • Max Power Level: 15601
  • Max Attack: 497
  • Max Defense: 866
  • Max Health: 2099
  • Max Speed: 141
  • Changes:
    Eyes on Me: Attack Up buff to artist allies granted sooner and scaled higher. Taunt duration reduced to 1 turn.
    Catwalk: Attack Down AoE debuff replaced with Dodge Chance buff to all allies.
    Sophistication: Complete redesign. Instead of granting some allies Dodge Chance Up for the first few turns, she now grants her whole team a persistent and non-removable dodge chance aura.
NameTypeCooldownDescription (at max level)
Unattainable Basic Attack0Deal 110% damage to target enemy, gaining Dodge Chance Up.
Eyes on Me Special Attack2Gain Taunt and 3 Defense Up. Grant 2-3 Attack Up to all artist allies for 2 turns.
Catwalk Special Attack 3Remove 30% Turn Meter from all enemies, granting 2 Dodge Chance Up to all allies.
SophisticationPassiveN/AYour team has +15% Dodge Chance.
HealthPassive N/A This toon has 30% more Health.