What’s up, doc?

Have you ever wondered what lies behind the World of Mayhem? In our “Meet the Team” blog series we introduce you to different members of the development team and unveil with them some moments of looney creation. From Game Designers to Artists, Programmers and Event Managers… everyone is invited and everyone will surely get the spotlight!

Off we go!

Meet Content Designer James (aka Leopold)!

What’s your role inside the team?

I’m a Content Designer focusing on new toons and combat-adjacent systems. I used to make the campaigns for events, but now I support those who do.

What do you do as a Content Designer?

I do the concept for new toons, kickoff their art direction, and then script and balance them in-game with my badass co-designers. I also fill a producer-like role of presenting the new content we create to members of other teams, making sure we’re all aligned on what those toons do and why.

What’s that you love about World of Mayhem and the franchise?

Looney Tunes is an exceptional IP, just exploding with personality, so as a theme-driven designer it’s a blast to have such rich material. Bugs Bunny still makes me laugh just as hard as he did when I was a kid. I mean, look at this face:

The face of Bugs Bunny

What are you currently working on?

Right now I am balancing the new Halloween toons, reworking Penelope Couture (yeah, that’s a teaser…), and getting started on some revamps of the core PvE content (yeah, that’s another one…).

If you were a toon, who would you be?

I’m a Starseeker Lola kind of guy: perpetually peppy, always ready with a counter, and absolutely exhausting for one person in particular.

Which are your favorite World of Mayhem toons?

I love tanks in general, and my favorites here are Desperado Dawg for his non-Taunt solution to drawing aggro, Witchdoctor Hazel for the magic-matters team she enables, and Matador Bugs for the bullfighting experience.

And what about your favorite team composition of Mayhem?

I’ll go here for a “magical silence” spell, so Witchdoctor Hazel, Merlin Sam, Valkyrie Bugs, and Black Knight Sam (who is busted… for now).

Meet Team
The face of Leopold whenever he enters Discord

Any “oh-no” development moments you want to share?

As always, my biggest mistake is yet to come. In reality, I live in a constant oscillation between “hell yeah” and “oh no”…

So we’re about to finish this – anything else you wanna add?

I just want to thank our enthusiastic players on Discord for all the rapport and comradery, as well as my teammates at both Scopely and Aquiris for the journey. No one makes anything in isolation, and feedback from those who enjoy is all the fuel I need. Onward and upward!


Didn’t you know, bub? The Looney Tunes World of Mayhem Discord server is the place to be! Join us there to meet other Maestros of Mayhem, discuss strategies and share your feedback with the game development team.